How To Cancel Boost Mobile? Easy Cancelation Guide

Cancel Boost Mobile

So you tried using Boost Mobile but the results aren’t as expected? Or there is some other reason? Well, whatever the reason is, if you are planning to end your contract with Boost Mobile and cancel their services then we are here to help you cancel your Boost Mobile in the easiest ways possible. 

Boost Mobile is a wireless service provider company in the States. It provides its customers with several plans that they can purchase to get high-speed data and the benefits of unlimited talking and texting. You can choose the best plan that both you and your family can enjoy and take the most advantage of their services. 

If you no longer desire to continue with Boost Mobile then you can terminate their services anytime by contacting their Customer Care department. You can cancel the services and orders of Boost Mobile by talking to their agent and they will help you accomplish your goal. 

Boost Mobile Service Plans And Charges

Boost Mobile is one of those leading internet service providers with several other benefits that customers can get after purchasing their plans. Go through their plans and choose the best and most affordable for you. 

Plan ChargesData Availablity Plan Benefits
$15/ month2GBUnlimited talkUnlimited textMobile Hotspot
$25/ month5GBUnlimited talkUnlimited textMobile Hotspot
$35/ month10GBUnlimited talkUnlimited textMobile Hotspot
$50/ month35GBUnlimited talkUnlimited text12 GB Mobile Hotspot
$60/ month35GBUnlimited talkUnlimited text30 GB Mobile Hotspot

There are several plans for the customers that they can choose from. The $15/ month provides 2GB of data both 4G and 5G and you get unlimited contact and the mobile hotspot feature. The $25/ month plan gives you about 5GB of 4G/5G data. The users get unlimited talk, text, and mobile hotspot perks.

The $35/ month plan provides 10GB of data in 4G and 5G and you get the similar benefits of unlimited contact and mobile hotspot. The $50/ month plan gives 35GB of data to the customers with Unlimited talk, unlimited text, and about 12 GB Mobile Hotspot. The $60/ month plan provides 35GB of data and about 30GB of Mobile hotspot with unlimited talk and text. 

How Do I Cancel My Boost Mobile?

You can easily cancel your Boost Mobile subscription by calling Customer Service and informing them about your decision. 

1. Dial their Customer Support number 1-833-502-6678 to talk to their agent. 

2. You will be asked your purpose for calling so chose cancel service

3. Talk to a representative there and tell them that you wish to cancel your Boost Mobile services

4. Provide them with all the details they ask for to cancel your contract. 

5. Do remember to ask them for a cancellation confirmation message

6. Also, you will have to return back their equipment within 14 days of your cancellation. 

How To Cancel Boost Online? Deactivate Your Boost Mobile Account

You can cancel or deactivate your Boost account from the official website. 

1. Visit the official web page of Boost Mobile and log in to your account. 

2. When you are on your account page, navigate to the Account Settings option. 

3. If you have ensured auto-payment then first turn off your auto-payment mode to prevent being charged again.

4. Now initiate your account deactivation by providing the required details to deactivate your account. Boost representatives will contact you when they get your deactivation request. 

Cancel Boost Mobile- FAQs

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Boost Mobile?

No, there is no cancellation fee for Boost Mobile. If you ever need to cancel your Boost Mobile services then you won’t be required to pay any kind of additional charges or cancellation fee. Tell the Customer Support representative that you wish to cancel your service and they will help you accordingly. 

Can Boost Mobile Give You A Refund?

If you purchased any devices from Boot Mobile official then you will surely receive a refund when you return the device within 14 days of purchasing it. When they get your returned devices, they will approve your refund accordingly for the device price. 

How Can I Cancel My Boost Mobile Phone Order?

Customers can cancel their Boost Mobile order by contacting the Customer Support team of Boost Mobile at 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678). Tell the representative that you wish to cancel your order and they will help you by providing the correct information and the required steps for that. 

How Can I Contact Boost Mobile Customer Service If My Account Is Suspended?

If you are facing issues related to your Boost Mobile device or your account got suspended and isn’t working properly then you can talk to their representatives at their Customer Service department. Dial (833-502-6678) to reach them and inform them of your queries. You will be helped accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Boost Mobile can provide you with some amazing data plans that would keep you online always. But if you find a better service provider with great and affordable plans then you can cancel Boost Mobile services anytime. Go through the cancellation steps we talked about above and terminate your deal. Clear your other doubts and queries by contacting Customer Support. You can also cancel your RCN Service and Cox Internet.

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