How To Cancel Birchbox Subscription? 3 Simple Ways!!

How To Cancel Birchbox

Birchbox is a well-known monthly subscription service that sends out customized beauty samples. It’s critical to understand the procedures involved in canceling your subscription if you’re thinking about doing so. You can use these steps in this guide to make sure that the cancellation process goes smoothly.

An organization called Birchbox was established to provide beauty subscriptions. Every month, the business sends customized beauty samples to subscribers, letting them test out new items and find their top picks without committing to full-size purchases. From well-known and emerging brands, Birchbox offers a wide selection of goods in the categories of fragrance, makeup, skincare, and hair care.

You can cancel your Birchbox Subscription in 3 ways.

  • Cancel By Own
  • Cancelation is done by Birchbox Team
  • Get guidance for cancelation

Let’s find out later in this article, how you can succeed in canceling in these 3 ways. 

Can You Cancel Your Birchbox Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your BirchBox Subscription at any time. It is recommended to cancel your subscription before the start of the next billing month because your subscription will automatically renew and you will be charged for it. 

How To Cancel Birchbox Subscription? 

Birchbox Subscription comes in 3 types of Subscription plans or periods.

  • Month-To Month Rebillable Subscription
  • Prepaid Subscriptions
  • Monthly Subscriptions With Commitment

Birchbox Month-to-Month Rebillable Subscription: If you purchase your Birchbox month-to-month rebillable subscription, then it means that every month your subscription plan will automatically renew and you will automatically be charged for your new subscription with your preferred payment mode till the time you cancel your subscription. 

Birchbox Prepaid Subscriptions: If you purchase Birchbox Prepaid subscriptions, then at the conclusion of each prepaid subscription period, your subscription will automatically renew for another term of the appropriate duration of service (3,6, or 12 months) and you will automatically be charged for your plans. 

Birchbox Monthly Subscriptions With Commitment: Its either fall under the category of Prepaid Subscriptions, when you purchased a prepaid subscription, it comes with the notice that now you are under Monthly Subscription with Commitment for three, six, or twelve months. 

Ways To Cancel Your Birchbox Subscription Plans. 

If you decided to cancel your Birchbox Subscription, then you can easily do so in 3 different ways. Whether you have a Month-to-Month Birchbox Subscription or even a monthly commitment subscription, you can cancel any type of subscription plan, just with these 3 simple ways. 

  1. Go to Birchbox Website and log in to your account by entering your username and password. Follow the online instructions or steps to cancel your Birchbox Subscription.
  1. You can also send a message to their team from and they will then cancel your subscription for you. 
  1. You can visit the Birchbox Support page and set up a call with one of their Discovery Specialists and talk with them over the phone call and they will assist you in canceling your subscription. 

Keep in mind that even after canceling your auto-renewal, your subscription will remain active till the end of your current subscription period and after that, your plan will not automatically renew. Remember, You won’t be able to cancel your current subscription if you decide to end it after the first month, but you will be opted out of any subsequent automatic renewals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Birchbox Customer Service?

Regarding any issue, technical support, cancelation support, feedback, or other queries, you can get to Birchbox Customer Service Team via email at [email protected] 

Does Birchbox Offer Prorated Refunds? 

No, Bircbox does not offer refunds for canceling your subscription. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of its period, then you will not get a refund for it. So, make sure to cancel your subscription before getting charged for the next subscription period. 

Can You Return Birchbox Products?

No, Birchbox does not offer any kind of Return Policy. Once you purchased something from Birchbox, you are not able to return it. 

Did Birchbox Go Out Of Business?

No, we can’t say that. Actually, Birchbox was purchased by FemTec Health for $45 million. The acquisition’s terms weren’t made public. Katia Beauchamp, co-founder, and CEO of Birchbox will sell her remaining stock in the business and join as a strategic advisor.

Can You Pause Your Birchbox Subscription?

No, you can’t put a pause on your Birchbox Subscription. Either you can continue with the subscription or cancel the subscription. Freezing is not an option. 


With millions of subscribers around the world, Birchbox has established itself as a well-liked method for beauty enthusiasts to stay current on the most recent trends and products in the sector. But, obviously, there will soon be a time come when you no longer need the services or products from Birhbox, then in that case canceling is the best method to save your money. We hope that you understand prop[elry about the cancelation ways for Birchbox Subscription and surely you will cancel your Birchbox Subscription easily.  Also Know, how to cancel Allure Beauty Box.

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