How To Cancel Barclays Tech Pack? 3 Easy Methods!

How To Cancel Barclays Tech Pack? 3 Easy Methods!

Have you found a better cover plan for the safety of your mobile phone or do you think that such coverage plans are of no use to you? In any of the cases, you might want to cancel your Barclays Tach Pack cover if you have one and we have the right way to do that. 

Barclays is a worldwide cover that provides claims to users if their mobile phones are lost, stolen, broken, or damaged accidentally. If you are someone who uses quite expensive mobile phones, then it is necessary that you take such a plan, however, if you think that you can take good care of your phone, then such a cover might not be of any use to you. 

To cancel your Barclays Tech Pack, you can contact their customer support over the phone and request the cancelation. Alternatively, you can also write a letter and send it to their official address where the team will look into your request and will cancel the cover for you. 

To get detailed information on the different possible methods in which a Barclays Tech Pack can be terminated, here are the steps that you are required to follow. 

How To Cancel Barclays Tech Pack?

There are more than one ways in which your Tech Pack on Barclays can be terminated easily and we are providing all the methods right in this article so that you can pick the most convenient one for yourself. 

How To Cancel Barclays Tech Pack Over The Phone? 

The easiest and most straightforward method in which one can terminate his or her service to Barclays Tech Pack is to make a phone call to their customer support services and request the cancelation for the same. 

For this, you will be required to dial the number 0800 158 3199 on your phone and keep it on hold unless you are asked to provide your card number or telephone the banking number. 

Then, you have to wait for the call to be transferred to the automated switchboard menu where you have to press button 3 to get transferred to Lifestyle Services. These are the ones who take charge of providing the cover on Barclays’ behalf. Hold till the call is transferred or press 1 to be assigned a Barclays adviseProvide them with all the required information so that they can easily process the cancelation. 

How To Cancel Barclays Tech Pack Online?

To cancel your Tech Pack on Barclays online, here is the procedure that you will be required to go through. But, before everything, you need to make sure that you have an account for Barclays Tech Packs on the official Services Group website of Lifestyle. 

Log in to your Lifestyle Services account where you can view the details and history of your cover. Get all the information that you might need for cancelation. 

Then, you will need to log in to your Online Banking account where you can send secure messages to the customer support team of Barclays. In the messages, you can mention that you would like to have your Barclays Tech Pack revoked and provide all the necessary details for the same. You can either arrange for them to make a phone call to you for further formalities or you can also book an in-person appointment with one of their advisers right at a bank branch of Barclays. 

How To Cancel Barclays Tech Pack By Post? 

You can also write to Lifestyle Services related to the cancelation request of your Barclays Tech Pack. compose a letter in which you have mentioned all the necessary details related to your account along with your request for the cancelation of the services. 

To completely cancel your Barclays Tech Pack, you have to send the letter to the address given here.



LE87 2BB

however, if you only want to remove the Tech Pack, then, you can send it to the address provided below. 

Lifestyle Services Group Limited

PO Box 98


NE24 9DL

Cancel Barclays Tech Pack – FAQs 

Is There A Free Trial Of The Barclays Tech Pack?

Yes, you can have access to Barclays Tech Pack’s services for a period of fourteen days which, if you even cancel, you will not be charged for and you will not be required to continue with the paid services either. 

Can You Get A Refund On Barclays Tech Pack?

Yes, if you cancel your Barclays Tech Pack within the first fourteen days of registering for it, then you are eligible to get a full refund on the successful cancelation of your coverage plan. However, if you are even one day late, then you are not going to receive any kind of refund and you will be able to cancel it only by the end of the current billing period. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you haven’t wasted a lot of your money on your Barclays Tech Pack and have been successful in canceling it in time. If there is any other insurance coverage that you do not want to keep anymore, then let us know so that we can help you with its cancelation as well.

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