How To Cancel Bandcamp Pro Or Label Subscription?

How To Cancel Bandcamp Pro Or Label Subscription?

Do you have a passion for music and are in search of a great platform to show off your music skills? Then, you should join the Bandcamp. Yes, it is a vast online music or audio platform that provides a store for independent singers to upload their albums. 

This platform offers a subscription plan or pro subscription plan to access the extra benefits of this online store. If you are seriously interested in music, then you can explore its subscription otherwise you can also have the option to cancel Bandcamp Subscription. 

To cancel the Bandcamp Pro Subscription, you have to go to your Bandcamp account and tap on the “cancel pro subscription” from your profile page. 

Read the entire article and learn about the step-by-step guide to cancel Bandcamp. 

Can You Cancel Bandcamp Pro Or Label Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Bandcamp Pro subscription at any time directly from your Bandcamp account. You can continue to use your subscription services at the end of the current billing cycle. 

Your cancelation will take effect after your current billing term ends. 

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How To Cancel The Bandcamp Pro Subscription?

How To Cancel Bandcamp Pro Or Label Subscription- How To Cancel The Bandcamp Pro Subscription?

You have to go through these simple steps to cancel your Bandcamp subscription- Login to your Bandcamp Account> Go to your Profile Page> Open the Account Details> Click “Cancel Pro Subscription”. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To An Artist?

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription to an artist- Open the Bandcamp Account> Tap on the Gear icon> Open Settings> Subscriptions> Click on the Cancel link beside the payment details. 

How To Delete Bandcamp Account?

The steps to delete your Bandcamp account are- 

  1. Logged in to your Account 
  2. Open Settings 
  3. Click on “Artists” from the left-hand side 
  4. Tap on the Profile section under the Artist you want to delete
  5. Click on the Termination link by scrolling down 
  6. Tap on Yes, Delete the Account button on the next page

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Bandcamp Subscription?

You can use the Bandcamp subscription for free. But, its paid subscription can cost you around $10/month. 

Can You Get A Bandcamp Refund?

You will not get any full or even partial refunds for canceling the Bandcamp subscription. After cancelation, you will not be charged for the new month. 

How To Contact Bandcamp Support Team?

To contact the Bandcamp Support team, go to their Help Center page and get assistance in different categories. 


With these steps, you can delete your Bandcamp account or subscription. By canceling your subscription, your access to its pro benefits is removed and you are no longer able to stream your albums or music on this online music store. 

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