How To Cancel American Home Shield? 

Cancel American Home Shield

Since there are a lot of other insurance companies and policies, there must be some loophole in your American Home Shield policy that you have made the decision of canceling, but all we care about is to provide you with what you are looking for. 

There can be certain reasons why you might want to terminate your contract with American Home Shield, for instance, high costs, limitations in coverage, dissatisfaction with the service, change in your housing situation, or a better alternative option. 

To cancel your American Home Shield, you should contact the customer support of American Home Shield over the phone and they will guide you through the entire procedure. Just provide them with the necessary details and let them process your cancelation request. 

To understand in detail and in a more simplified manner how you can have your subscription to American Home Shield, continue reading this article. 

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How To Cancel American Home Shield? 

There is only one way in which your contract with American Home Shield can be terminated. Here are the detailed steps that you are required to go through in order to cancel your policy with American Home Shield. 

1. Review Your American Home Shield Contract

Before anything, you are required to check your contract with American Home Shield which will help you understand the terms and conditions of the contract in a better way.

You can check these details on the terms and conditions page of their website as well. You should ensure that you remember the date of expiration of your policy and see if there is any penalty that you are going to be charged for cancelation.

2. Contact The Customer Support Of American Home Shield

Once you are fully aware of your contract and its details, you can contact the customer care of American Home Shield by calling on their number which is 888 682 1043.

On dialing this number, you will be assigned one of the customer care representatives of American Home Shield who you can speak with. 

Alternatively, you also have the option to head to their official website and log in to your account. You will see the Cancel Contract option over there, select it and provide your contact number along with the required personal details for verification and their customer support will contact you on their own. 

3. Provide A Reason For The Cancelation Of Your Policy

As you make your request for the cancelation of your policy to American Home Shield, their customer support will surely ask you to provide you with a reason for the same, so make sure that you are ready with a suitable one. Make sure that the reason that you provide is valid enough to cancel the policy. 

4. Confirm The Details For Cancelation

Next, you will be asked to confirm the cancelation dates of your American Home Shield policy to recheck the dates when you would like to put the cancelation of the policy in effect.

And you can also discuss any refunds that you might be eligible for or any fees that you might have to pay for canceling. 

In the end, you can just follow up with the instructions provided by the customer support agent regarding the cancelation of your policy with American Home Shield. Your request shall be processed accordingly and the policy will be terminated on the provided date. 

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Cancel American Home Shield – FAQs

Can You Get A Refund On Canceling American Home Shield? 

Yes, depending upon how much time is left before your policy expires completely for the time being, you can be entitled to a prorated refund as per the terms and conditions of your contract.

Thus, to find out whether or not you are eligible for a refund, you might need to either check the terms of your policy or simply contact their customer support. 

Is There A Cancelation Fee For American Home Shield? 

If you cancel your policy with American Home Shield before its expiration has arrived, then you might be charged a cancelation fee for the same.

The amount of this termination fee might vary depending on the type of contract that you have signed with the company. 

Will Canceling My American Home Shield Contract Affect My Credit Score? 

Your credit score is not supposed to be affected in any way by the cancelation of your contract with American Home Shield, however, you can still confirm this by contacting your credit reporting agency for double confirmation. 

Wrapping Up

That’s it, with this we conclude our article with the hope that you have found in this article all the information that you were looking for to easily terminate your contract with American Home Shield and have also received an eligible refund amount.

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