How To Cancel Alexa Subscription? Easy & Useful Steps !!

How To Cancel Alexa Subscription?

Alexa!! Please Play Music. Well!! You too must be using Alexa in your home in the same way. But, have you ever thought to cancel Alexa Subscription, if you don’t require it anymore?

Maybe Yes or Maybe not. Don’t Worry!! Those who have no idea about it will get to know a detailed description of canceling Alexa after reading this article.  

Alexa is a virtual assistant launched by Amazon that is controlled by voice. You can ask any questions, play music, movies, or even control your home appliances with Alexa. 

You can cancel the Alexa Subscription at any time directly from your Amazon Account and follow the steps to cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Alexa Subscription On Amazon App?

Follow these steps to cancel Alexa Subscription from the Amazon App. 

  1. Open your Amazon App from your device and sign in to your Amazon Account

  1. Make sure that you use that Amazon Account that is linked to your Alexa

  1. Then, open your Menu Account and select the Alexa Subscription

  1. Finally, click on the Cancel Subscription option and your subscription will be canceled. 

How To Turn Off An Alexa In-Skill Subscription?

You can follow these steps to turn off or end your Alexa In-Skill Subscription.

  1. Open your Alexa App. Then, go to More and tap Skills & Games

  1. Choose Your Skill, then click the app with the subscription

  1. Tap on Manage Subscriptions

  1. If asked, you need to sign in to your Amazon Account

  1. Select Turn Off Auto Renew or End Subscription 

How To Cancel Your Alexa Together Subscription?

You can cancel your Alexa Together Subscription at any time with the following steps. 

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Account and navigate to the Your Memberships & Subscriptions

  1. Find the Alexa Together Subscription from the list

  1. Then, tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm your cancelation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Alexa Subscription Cost?

You don’t have to pay anything for purchasing Alexa Subscription. All you just need to have an Alexa device in your home and you just have to start using its services. 

How To Turn Off Voice Purchasing On Alexa?

With these steps you can turn off voice purchasing on Alexa- Open Alexa App> Go to More and then tap on Settings> Click Account Settings> Choose Voice Purchasing> Turn On or Off Voice Purchasing

Will I Lose Alexa If I Cancel Amazon Prime?

No, Alexa will work even after you cancel your Amazon Prime. Amazon Account is important for the functioning of Alexa. 

How Do I Contact Alexa Customer Service?

If you need any kind of help with your Alexa device, then you can speak to the Alexa Team by saying Google Assistant or Siri from your Alexa App. For more information, you can go to Alexa Device Help Page


Alexa may ease your basic work at your home but if you no longer want to continue with your Alexa Subscription, then don’t worry!! Because these above-mentioned methods will surely help you in canceling your Alexa Subscription. 

For getting more answers to your questions, contact the Alexa Customer Service team.

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