How To Cancel BarkBox Subscription? Try These 4 Ways!

Cancel Barkbox

Wanna pamper your dog more? BarkBox makes it possible for you to make your dog feel more loved and cared for by giving the best products and toys to them just by taking its monthly subscription service. But, somehow, if you ever feel like this service is no longer in use for you, then you can cancel it at any time. How? Let’s discuss it. 

BarkBox is a membership service dedicated to the happiness of the most lovable member of your family, I Mean your dog. To take its monthly subscription, you only need to create a basic account of your dog with some of its general information. You will get 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew, all tailored to your dog’s specific needs in its classic membership plan. But, if any case, your dog does not like our products, then you have the option to cancel your subscription. 

Some of the ways to cancel your BarkBox subscription are- 

  • Email customer service
  • Cancel your subscription online
  • Cancel your subscription through the app
  • Cancel BarkBox by phone

Let’s discuss easy ways one by one to give you more clarity on your cancelation. 

How Much Does A BarkBox Subscription Cost?

BarkBox offers a “Classic Plan” for 1, 6, and 12 months in which as per your choice, you can also add an extra toy to your selected plan. 

BarkBox Classic Plan Subscription Cost (without extra toy)

  • 12-month subscription plan: $23/month
  • 6-month subscription plan: $26/month
  • 1-month subscription plan: $35/month

BarkBox Classic Plan Subscription Cost (with extra toy)

  • 12-month subscription cost: $30/month
  • 6-month subscription cost: $33/month
  • 1-month subscription plan: $44/month

Can You Cancel Your BarkBox At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel BarkBox anytime. However, BarkBox subscription works on the auto-renewal method. So, make sure to cancel its subscription before the start of your new billing cycle. 

How To Cancel BarkBox Via Email?

You can easily cancel your BarkBox subscription, by simply getting in contact with their customer service team. If you are a shy person and do not want to talk to them on a phone call or in person, then you have the option to send them an email and get in touch with their support team and ask them to cancel your subscription. 

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription with this method:

  • Compose an email regarding your subscription cancelation
  • Provide all necessary information in it including your account information and the box name
  • Send that email to [email protected]
  • Provide a valid reason for your cancelation
  • Send
  • You will get a reply from them within 24 hours 

How To Cancel BarkBox Subscription Online?

Another and the most basic method to cancel your subscription is from their official website and by logging into your account. Once you have completed your cancelation process from its website, you can be confident that the next payment will not leave your account, but the boxes for which you have already paid will be delivered to you after canceling. 

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription through the company’s website:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account
  • Select the “Subscriptions” tab
  • Choose the subscription you want to cancel
  • Click on the “Edit” section
  • Tap on “Disable Subscription Autorenewal” 

How To Cancel BarkBox Subscription Through The App?

If you have the BarkBox app on your device, then you can cancel your subscription from its app also. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open the BarkBox app on your device
  • Navigate to the “Account” section 
  • Click on “Manage Subscriptions”
  • Select the subscription for cancelation
  • Tap “Edit”
  • Click on “Cancel Renewal” from the menu bar.

How To Cancel BarkBox By Phone?

If you don’t want to use any of the above methods to cancel your subscription, then the last and the most convenient method to do so is by simply making a call to their customer support service team and speaking to them about your BarkBox subscription cancelation. 

  • Call 877-848-3058 to get in touch with New York, NY, Bark Office.
  • Visit the company’s website and click on the “Contact Us” option to get in touch with their team

How Do You Get A BarkBox Refund?

There are numerous circumstances in which you may believe you are entitled to a refund from BarkBox. If you want a refund for a box for which you have paid but have not been able to receive it, then you need to email their team at [email protected] and they will look into your matter and start their process of refunding your money. 

If you return the boxes after receiving them, then you will get their full refund only if the products and items in the box are in good condition with proper tags and stickers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BarkBox Offer A Free Trial?

No, BarkBox does not offer a free trial to its users. You need to subscribe to its monthly service to get their service. But, every few months, BarkBox offers some referral codes or coupons which allow you to try its service at low cost or even free. 

Does BarkBox Offer Live Chat Option?

Yes, to get help with any of your problems with BarkBox, go have a button called “Chat With Us” on to live chat with their team. 

What Are The Popular Alternatives To BarkBox?

  • PupBox
  • WagWell Box
  • BullyMake Box
  • RescueBox
  • Pooch Perks


The objective of BarkBox is to make your pup satisfied and happy with its products. If something does not work or is liked by your pup from our service, then we are also here to work on our drawbacks and take special care of your dog’s needs. Till then, to save yourself from being charged for its auto-renewal subscription, you can cancel it with any one of these above-mentioned methods.

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