How To Cancel Aaptiv Membership? 4 Effective Ways!!

How To Cancel Aaptiv Membership?

What happens if Aptiv’s fitness app doesn’t live up to expectations? It claims to transform your workout routine, but if you do not see any kind of growth in your fitness, then you surely want to cancel your Aaptiv membership due to frustration. For this, we came up with this article to learn you about how you can cancel Aaptiv effectively. 

Aaptiv is a well-known fitness app that offers users individualized workout plans, coaching, and music to assist them in achieving their fitness objectives. You can do cycling, yoga, running, and many strength training in the Aaptiv App.  

You have different ways to cancel your Aaptiv Membership which depend upon the platform from which you purchased its subscription. You can also get the help of their customer support service team for canceling the Aaptiv membership. 

Can You Cancel Your Aaptiv Membership?

When you purchase Aaptiv Membership, you agree that it will automatically renew after the initial subscription term expires for additional periods lasting the same length as the initial subscription, unless and until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your Membership at any time and after that, your membership will not auto-renew itself. 

How To Cancel Aaptiv Membership Online?

If you purchased or signed up for the Aaptiv Membership via its website, then cancel it via Account Settings from Aaptiv Website or cancel here. After logging in to your account, follow the instructions prompted to cancel your membership. 

How To Cancel Aaptiv Membership Via iTunes?

If you purchased your Aaptiv Membership from iTunes Store, then follow these steps to cancel the membership via iTunes.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings> Tap on your name> iTunes & App Store
  • Click on your Apple ID from the top corner of the screen
  • Then, go to Subscriptions
  • Choose Aaptiv Subscription> Tap on Cancel Subscription

How To Cancel Aaptiv Membership Via Google Play Store?

If you signed up for your Aaptiv Membership from Google Play Store, then here are the steps you need to follow to cancel your Aaptiv Membership via the Google Play Store.

  • Open Google Play Store from your Android Device
  • Click on the menu> Go to Subscriptions
  • Find Aaptiv Subscription and then click on it
  • Click on the Cancel button 

How To Cancel Aaptiv Membership By Submitting Cancelation Request?

If you don’t want to cancel your Aaptiv Membership on your own, then you can submit your cancelation request to their team, and your membership is canceled by Aaptiv Team or they will guide you to do that. For this, you just need to visit Submit A Request page. You will get Submit A Request section from which you need to choose “Cancel My Subscription” and submit the cancelation request to their team. 

How To Contact Aaptiv Customer Service Team?

There are several ways to get in touch with Aaptiv’s customer service department if you require assistance with your account, billing, cancelation, or any other problems:

  • You can go to the  Aaptiv Contact Us page and follow the link to submit your request to their team.
  • Sending an email to [email protected] will also connect you with Aaptiv’s customer service department. For them to help you more effectively, be sure to provide as much information about your problem as you can.
  •  You can also make a call on their customer support number at 1-877-290-2815
  • You can send a mailing request to Aaptiv, 20371 Irvine Avenue, Suite 120, Newport Beach, California 92660.

You can opt for any of these methods to get in contact with Aaptiv Team and ask for their help in resolving your issue. You can even ask for their guidance in cancelation also. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request A Refund For Canceling Aaptiv Membership?

You must get in touch with us to ask for a refund if you signed up through the Google Play Store, our website, or with a discount. You can also chat with us live from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday.

Please get in touch with Apple Support if you purchased Aaptiv using your iTunes account to request a refund. Apple handles your payment directly through your Apple ID when you register for Aaptiv through the App Store. We are unable to help with the refund because Apple does not give Aaptiv your payment information. You can contact Apple Support by phone at 800-692-7753 (7 am–11 pm CT), live chat, or email.


In short, we can say that canceling Aaptiv Membership is not as difficult as you think. Although the app has a devoted following among fitness enthusiasts, its effectiveness and price have raised some questions. Aaptiv is still a useful tool for those looking to improve their fitness routine. If you decide to cancel, be sure to do so according to the instructions and get in touch with customer service if you have any problems. Also Know, how to cancel Apple Fitness Plus Subscription.

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