How To Cancel TiVo Subscription? Dial TiVo Customer Service!

How To Cancel TiVo

If you do not have any more video content to record then it’s probably time to cancel your TiVo service. But if you are unaware of the practical steps to cancel the service then don’t worry, we have the information here that can help you put an end to the service. 

TiVo is an old and popular digital video recorder that can help you record any of your favorite live TV content, save it, and watch it later when you wish. With this service, users can either choose to record an individual program or get all the episodes of their loved show with OnePass.  

There are two ways to cancel your TiVo service and you can do so by either contacting their Customer Support department through a phone call or terminating the service online from their official website. You must continue reading to get the details of these cancellation steps. 

How Can I Cancel TiVo?

You can cancel your TiVo service online from their website or by dialing their help number. 

Cancel TiVo Online

1. Visit the official website of TiVo and from the bar on the upper section of the page, Sign In to your account. 

2. Now move down from the screen page and look for your Active Devices option there. 

3. This will show you a list of all the connected devices to TiVo. 

4. Now choose the device that you wish to cancel or select all the devices at one go. 

5. Hit the Cancel Service button and confirm the procedure. This will ensure the termination of your service. 

Cancel TiVo Via Phone Call

1. Cancellation is also possible if you dial their Help number and speak to a representative regarding your issue.

2. Call on their Customer Service number 1-877-367-8486 and this will connect you to one of their representatives. 

3. Tell the representative that you plan to terminate the TiVo service and don’t require it anymore. 

4. They will ask you about your account, personal, and other related details so do keep the information ready. 

5. Follow the steps as they say and they will help you cancel your TiVo service easily.

6. However, you must also remember to ask them for a service cancellation confirmation email. 

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How Much Does A TiVo Service Plan Cost?

There are different plans that you can purchase for using TiVo services.

1. The Monthly plan to TiVo will charge you about $14.99/month. This will include a commitment for a year. This service plan can be used for both Bolt and also Edge boxes.

2. You will have to pay almost $149.99/year for the TiVo Annual Plan. You can easily get the plan for both your Edge and TiVo Bolt. 

3. Another TiVo plan is the All-In plan for which you have to pay a one-time fee of about  $599.99. This plan will give you an all-life service to TiVo. of the TiVo device. You can use this on your Bolt or Edge box device. The plan will still remain with the box even if you feel like transferring the service. 

Cancel TiVo- FAQs

Can A TiVo Be Used Without A Subscription?

Yes, you can use TiVo without a subscription but this will limit your access to the service. You will have to get a subscription plan to have access to the program updates or other program guide updates and more services. 

How To Cancel TiVo Recording?

If you wish to cancel a TiVo recording, you will first have to select the recording in the To Do List and then select Clear. Now choose Cancel this recording and then you are done. 

How To Contact TiVo Customer Service?

If you have any doubts or queries related to the services provided by TiVo then you can dial their Customer Help number 1 (877) 367-8486 and speak to a representative regarding your question. You can also talk to the service department online through their Live Chat option on the website. 

Wrap Up

TiVo lets the users record their desired program episodes or complete shows as they wish. But if you are done with your recordings then follow the service cancellation steps as mentioned above to end the service. Get in touch with their service department and get answers to all your queries and requirements. 

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