How To Cancel 1800 Flowers Order? 3 Easy Methods!

How To Cancel 1800 Flowers Order?

Are you planning a romantic date with your partner? If yes, make that day even more special by gifting them a bouquet of fresh and beautiful 1800 flowers. Well!! You ordered the flowers. Right? But do you know how to cancel the 1800 flower order? Here you will get to know this soon.

As you all know that flower is a token of love and to gift it to someone on a special occasion or to your partner never gets old and apart from 1800 flowers, there is no other place where you will get fresh flowers online. They offer you the best blooms and the most skilled florists who will work here to provide you with even more beautiful flower gift baskets. Somehow, by any chance, you accidentally place an order from 1800 flowers, and want to cancel it now, then here are some ways to cancel your order. 

To cancel your order from 1800 flowers, you need to make a call or send an email to their customer support service team and ask for their help in canceling your order. To get to know about the contact details of their Customer Support Team, read this entire article.

Can You Cancel Your 1800 Flowers Order?

Yes, you can cancel your 1800 Flowers order. They will make every effort to accommodate your request if the delivery date for your order is in the future. Keep this thing in mind, you are unable to cancel your order if it is in transit, shipped, or delivered. 

How To Cancel 1800 Flowers Order Via Phone?

As you know that you can only be able to cancel your 1800 flower order just before its shipment. If you want to cancel your order, then the first way to do so is by calling the 1800 flowers customer service team and asking them to cancel your order. 

Follow these steps to cancel your 1800 flower order via phone call.

  1. Call the 1800 flowers support team at 1-800-227-5387
  2. One of their team representatives connect with you on a call
  3. Ask them to help you in canceling your order
  4. Provide them with your order details and personal information
  5. They will then check the status of your order
  6. If your order is not out for delivery yet, then they will cancel your order otherwise the order is delivered to you. 

How To Cancel 1800 Flowers Order Via Email?

Another effective way especially for introverts to cancel their 1800 flower order is by sending an email to their team regarding your order cancelation. Make sure you add all the necessary information related to your order such as order number, items your ordered, contact number, etc. Write a well-composed email in which you clearly mentioned that “you want to cancel your order” and send that composed email to [email protected] If your order is in cancelation status, then they will cancel your order. Confirmation for your order cancelation is sent to you in your email. 

How To Cancel 1800 Flowers Order Via Live Chat?

Apart from calling and emailing, you can also do live chatting with their team member and ask them to cancel your order on chat by providing them with your order information. To get their live chat option, you need to visit the 1800 Flowers website, and at the bottom of the page, you will find a “chat” button on the right corner of the screen. Click on the “Chat” button and connect with their team on chat.

Do 1800 Flowers Refund?

Yes, 1800 flowers do the refund. If for any reason, you are completely dissatisfied with your order or item delivered by them, then you can make a return and refund request to them within 30 days according to the receipt’s purchase date. After your order is successfully picked up by their team, then within 5-7 working days, your refunded amount will be credited to your bank account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Cancel My 1800 Flowers Order?

Keep this thing in mind, you can only cancel those orders, that are not shipped yet. If you are unable to cancel your 1800 Flowers order, then it is due to the reason that your order is already shipped or delivered to you or soon be delivered to you. 

How Can You Modify Your 1800 Flowers Order?

If you want to make any changes to your order, then you can do so by calling their customer support service team at 1-800-227-5387 or emailing your query to  [email protected]


Now it’s time for you to make your birthdays or any special occasion even more special with 1800 flowers. They will give you the best experience when it comes to flowers and gifts, including gift baskets, roses, orchids, bonsai trees, flowering plants, and wedding bouquets. we bet you that your loved ones will feel truly amazing with their unique collection of gifts. And if you don’t want any order from them, then you can easily cancel your order before it is shipped or out for delivery. Make sure you cancel your order as soon as possible. 

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