How To Cancel AO Order? 2 Effective Modes To Cancel Order!

how to cancel ao order

If you had plans to shop for your kitchen appliances or other electric products for your place then you must have placed an order on AO. But if you don’t need the item anymore then we can help you cancel your AO order or return it if you are not satisfied with the product. 

AO is an electrical retailer company from the UK that offers a huge number of electrical appliances and services. You can shop for your home, office, or another place from the several options provided there. However, if you already placed an order but don’t require it anymore due to some reason then you can also cancel it anytime. 

You can cancel your AO order online from the official website by moving to the My Account section or by contacting their Customer Service department for the same. The Customers can also return their order and request a refund. 

How Can I Cancel My AO Order? Return Your AO Order

If you are not satisfied with the item or product delivered by AO then you can cancel your order but will have to inform them within the initial 30 days of product delivery. You can cancel your AO order online or by contacting the Customer Support department. 

Cancel AO Order Online

1. To cancel your AO order online, you must first sign in to your AO account

2. Now navigate to the MyAccount section on the page and look for the Orders option. 

3. From the Orders list, select the AO order that you wish to cancel. 

4. Click on Cancel Order and follow the steps as prompted. 

Cancel AO Order Via Phone Call

1. You can cancel your AO order by dialing the Customer Service phone number. 

2. Call on 0161 470 1200 and you will be connected to a representative from AO.

3. Tell them you wish to cancel your order and give them your order details, account details, and other required information. 

4. Do as they say and you will be able to cancel your AO order. 

Will I Get A Refund From AO? AO Order Return And Refund

You can return your items the same way by contacting their Customer Support department via phone call. You will be charged the item collection fee and it will depend on the collection charges on that particular date. According to their policies, if the customers return the items unused and that too in their original packing as before then the customers will receive a complete refund of the product as they will be able to sell the product as new. 

However, if the products have been used, and installed, screen protectors have been removed, or more then they won’t be able to sell the item as new and you will only receive a partial refund. It will depend on your product usage. You will receive your refund within 14 days of the item being collected. Your item collection charge may be deducted from your refund. Canceling an order within the 14-day cooling-off period will also provide you with a refund of any delivery charges you paid earlier. 

AO Cancel Order- FAQs

Can You Delay Delivery With AO? Change AO Delivery Date And Time Slot

Yes, the customers are allowed to change their AO delivery date after they have already placed an order. You can visit the My Account section after signing in to your AO account and make the necessary changes to your delivery date or delivery time slot. 

How Do I Cancel My AO Account?

If you no longer plan to use the services provided by AO then you can of course cancel your AO account by contacting their Customer Care department. You can dial their help number 0333 220 2598 and a representative will help you cancel your account. You must make sure that all your balances, interests, or dues are already paid. 

Can I Cancel My AO Order Before Delivery?

Only selected items and orders are eligible to cancel before delivery. If the customer has ordered a particular tv, kitchen appliances, or other products then they will be able to cancel their product before delivery. However, if your order is for any entertainment service, smart-tech, or other DIY product then you won’t be able to cancel your order once it has been moved to processing. You can, however, refuse to take the order or return it later. 

How Much Is AO Delivery?

The charges for your AO delivery depend on various options and items and discounts can be a factor in deciding your delivery charge. Once you checkout, you will get to know your delivery charges. For a few selected items, the customer can opt for a 4-hour time slot and will have to pay an additional amount of £20.

How Can I Contact AO Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your order or more then you can visit the AO Contact Us page and select your query from there. You can click on the Chat icon at the bottom and speak to a representative regarding your problem or give a call at 0161 470 1200

Wrap Up

You will be provided with numerous options for your electrical appliances shopping on AO and also get deals on several items. But if you placed an order that you don’t desire to receive then follow the cancellation steps discussed above in detail and cancel your order. If you are unable to cancel your order then you can refuse the delivery or return the item later. Contact the AO Customer Service department for more information. You can also cancel your Newegg order.

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