How To Cancel Vinted Order?

How To Cancel Vinted Order?

If you have made any mistake while placing your order from Vinted, and now you are finding ways to cancel or update your order. Then we must tell you that you can easily cancel that particular order and get your money back. How? Here in this article, we’re going to discuss how to cancel Vinted Order. 

Just like OLX, Vinted is an online marketing place for both sellers and buyers mainly for clothing and accessories in which you can sell or buy new or secondhand items on Vinted via chatting, exchanging items on vinted are also possible. But sometimes, it happens that you buy something online and then suddenly changed your mind, then you need to cancel your items. If this happened with you on Vinted, then try these steps to cancel your Vinted Order.

You can cancel Vinted Order by contacting your Seller from your chat window and asking them to cancel your order before its shipment within 2 days. You can also return your order, once it is shipped to you. 

Can You Cancel Your Vinted Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Vinted Order before its shipment. You can only cancel those Vinted Orders, which have not been shipped yet. Once the order is out for delivery, then you are not allowed to cancel your orders.

How To Cancel Vinted Order?

Follow these steps to cancel your Vinted Order.

  • Open a chat window with the customer
  • Select the “i” button from the top-right corner of the screen
  • Tap on Cancel Order
  • Select a valid reason for cancelation
  • You can also type your own reason to cancel your order 

Note: Seller can refresh the conversation page to make the items available after canceling an order or item. 

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How To Cancel Vinted Shipped Order?

If your order of Vinted is shipped and you want to cancel it, then you won’t be able to do so. Once the order is been shipped, the cancelation window of your order is closed. The only way left with you is that you can accept the order and then you need to place a return request for your order. Then, your order is returned and you will get your money only if your item is in good and original condition. 

How Do I Return The Order To Vinted?

Your items can only be returned if they are in good condition. If they are damaged or broken by you, then you are not able to return your order or items and do not claim a refund. You have only 48 hours to return your items and claim your refund. 

To return your order, you just need to go to your buyer’s chat window and tell them that you want to return your order. They will then further guide you with the return instructions. Make sure to return the items properly in the condition, in which you received them. The package contains everything inside it in order to return it. Pack the items securely so that they can be delivered back to the seller and your chances of getting a refund for that order increases. 

Steps to Return Your Vinted Order

  • Press “I have an issue” from the conversation screen of the seller within 2 days
  • Send Proof to the seller. The proof may include the photographs of the following: 

# The Items showing the visible damage

# Packaging for the item displaying the damaged area

 # Parts of the item that don’t match the item description

  • Look for a solution with the seller: Talk about your options for returning the item and getting a refund. Then, the seller will ask you to return your order and get your refund. 

Note: Your payment will automatically be released to the seller if you don’t notify them within 2 days and Vinted will not able to issue a refund. 

How To Get Refund?

As the seller accepted your return request and got their items in a good condition, then they will immediately proceed with your “Refund Request” by clicking on the “Close Dispute” and “Refund the buyer” in the message. Provide them with all the asked information to claim your refund. Your return will be processed in 3 days and after that, you will soon get your refund money back. 

Simple 4 Steps To Claim Your Refund

  • Submit Your Request Within 2 Days
  • Chat To The Seller Or Contact Us 
  • Return Your Item
  • Get A Refund

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vinted Customer Service?

You can get in contact with Vinted Customer Service Team by visiting its “Help Center” on its website. Contact them via email at [email protected] or message them on their Twitter account: @missashtonmcc 


Vinted is the best platform in which you buy and sell items at the same time. You can view all the items from different sellers and choose to buy according to your choice. But, if you suddenly changed your mind about not receiving the order, then the best way for you is to cancel your Vinted Order before it’s been shipped otherwise you need to return the order. Don’t worry about Vinted Cancel Order Refund, you will get your money back for your item. For more information, you can visit Vinted Website

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