How To Cancel Reimagine Home AI Account?

How To Cancel Reimagine Home AI Account?

Decorating a home is a very close-to-heart decision for everyone. Though there are so many tools in the market that claim to provide the best interior decor for your home, they might not all meet the old-school or comfy vibes you are looking for.

If you are also using Reimagine home AI and you don’t feel very satisfied with the outputs it offers, then it’s better to explore a better option. In this guide, we’ll walk you through ways to cancel Reimagine AI with step-by-step procedures involved.

You can cancel your Reimagine Home AI Account by sending a cancelation Email to their customer service team. You can also seek help from their Discord community. To know the details, read the article till last.

How To Cancel Reimagine Home AI Account?

If you find out that you are not using your Reimagine Home Account, then you can delete or cancel your Home Account at any time by sending a simple Email to the Reimagine Team. 

Follow these steps to cancel the Reimagine Home Account- 

  1. Compose an Email in which you need to mention that you want to cancel your Reimagine Home Account.
  1. Include “Deactivate my Reimagine Home Account” in the Subject Line.
  1. Include all the necessary details in the “Body of the Email”.
  1. Send the composed Email to [email protected] .
  1. After receiving your Email, their team will accept your deletion request and deactivate your Home Account.
  1. Your Home Account will be removed from the Reimagine Website.

How to Cancel Reimagine Home Account via Discord?

Drop a message on Reimagine Discord Account and ask their team member to deactivate or delete your Reimagine Home Account. 

They will reply to your message on Discord and provide you with ways to cancel the account or cancel it for you. 

Reimagine Home AI Alternatives

Take a look at some of these best alternatives to Reimagine Home AI. 

  1. Decorify: With this AI Tool, you can transform your room design into a new and different one. 
  1. Make Design: With this tool, you can simply visualize the image of your room after designing. Click a picture of your room and view the look of your room in different designs and then choose the best one.
  1. AI Room Styles: With this, you can transform the design of your room into your preferred design in just one click.
  1. Roomai: You can try almost 40 interior designs with this tool, without even downloading them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Reimagine Home AI Cost?

Reimagine Home AI platform is completely free. To use the Reimagine Home Free service, go to the Reimagine Website and tap on the “Try For Free” option. Sign up for the Reimagine Account and start using its services. 

How To Contact Reimagine Home Customer Service?

For any queries, you can contact the Reimagine Home Support Team at [email protected]. Send a message to their Discord community, or connect with their team on Twitter. 

You can access their Live Chat option from the Reimagine Website.  


It’s easy to cancel Reimagine Home AI following the above-mentioned steps. If you still have any confusion regarding any step involved, please reach out to us in the comments below.

You can also get in touch with Reimagine customer service for better assistance.

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