How To Cancel LVAC Membership? Easy Steps To Cancel!

how to cancel lvac membership

Today, almost everyone has selected a health and fitness club for them to maintain their fitness and improve it for the better. But not everyone is satisfied with their club services. If you too are a member of LVAC and are planning to terminate the membership then we can help you cancel your LVAC membership. 

Las Vegas Athletic Clubs provides gym and fitness services with its spacious facilities, group fitness classes, and more. The members can schedule their classes as they desire and get the benefits provided by their membership plans and club passes. However, if the membership plans do not satisfy them much, they can also easily cancel them. 

You can cancel your LVAC membership by visiting your local LVAC club and speaking to a representative regarding your request. You must provide your membership details and they will help you accordingly. 

How Much Is LVAC Membership Plan?

The original fitness techniques are amalgamated with modern equipment and amenities at LVAC and those who wish to maintain their fitness can select any of the membership plans provided by them. 

Membership PlanSingle Member FeeDual Members Fee
Monthly Membership PlanInitiation Fee- $99.00Monthly Fee- $23.00Initiation Fee- $99.00Monthly Fee- $46.00
Annual Membership PlanInitiation Fee- $99.00Annual Fee- $276.00Initiation Fee- $99.00Annual Fee- $552.00

The Monthly Membership at LVAC charges an initiation fee of $99 for both Single and Dual members and a monthly fee of $23 for a single member and $46 for dual members. 

The Annual Membership at LVAC can be purchased for an initiation fee of $99 and Single members are charged an annual fee of $276 whereas Dual members have to pay $552

The membership plans provide you with several benefits and privileges. There are also several coupons and VIP passes for the members that can be even more beneficial as they provide the members with several discount coupons for their plans. A Day Pass can cost you about $20 for a single day and to get the pass for the week, you may have to pay $50. You can choose from any of the membership plans available according to your requirements. 

How Can I Cancel My LVAC Membership?

Many of the members have complained that they tried canceling their LVAC membership by contacting their Customer Support department or sending them an email for the same but all in vain. So, we would suggest you cancel your membership by visiting the club in person. 

1. To cancel your membership, go to your local Las Vegas Athletic Club location. 

2. Speak to a representative there and tell them that you wish to cancel your LVAC membership. 

3. You will be required to provide a reason for your membership cancellation and they will review your membership if there are any bills due. 

4. Provide them with your personal and membership details and clear out all the payments if any. 

5. You might have to fill out a form or do some paperwork so bear with it and you will be able to cancel your membership. 

LVAC Cancel Membership- FAQs

How Much Is Cancellation Fee For LVAC?

If you are in a contract with LVAC and are planning to cancel your membership during that time then you might be charged a cancellation fee and it will depend on your membership plan. If you are canceling a reservation for your LVAC session, then you will be charged a complete amount for your reservation. 

What Is The Number To Cancel LVAC Membership?

You won’t be able to cancel your membership through a phone call but you can get relevant information from their Customer Service department for the same. Dial their help number 702.734. 8944 and speak to their representatives and they will help you with your query. You must visit the club in person to cancel your membership. 

How Long Is LVAC Contract?

LVAC contract is up to 2 years and it may cost about $50 per month. Once your Contract period is over, you must inform them of the same and you will be able to easily cancel your membership. Otherwise, they may keep charging you for your membership plan. 

How Much Is A Day Pass To LVAC?

If you wish to get a day pass to LVAC then you will be required to pay around $20 for your day pass for a single day. If you want to purchase the pass for a week, you must pay about $50

Wrap Up

LVAC is a health club chain that provides people with fitness services and classes so that they improve and maintain their health. But if your membership to the club isn’t providing many benefits or you have to move to some other place that does not have access to these clubs then follow the cancellation steps mentioned above and end your membership. Contact their help department for more details. You can also cancel your Club Pilates membership and LA Fitness membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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