How To Cancel IKEA Order? 3 Hassle-Free Ways That Help!

how to cancel IKEA order

Did you place an order on IKEA and now no longer wish to continue with it? There can be situations when we like a product online and immediately order it and later realize that we didn’t really need that. If you are also facing this problem then don’t worry, we will guide you through effective steps to cancel your order. 

IKEA is popular for designing and selling furniture, home accessories, kitchen appliances, and more that are just ready to assemble. Customers can search and shop for their favorite items in-store or online from their official website. But if you no longer wish to receive an order you placed there then you can easily cancel it. 

You can cancel your IKEA order easily from their official website by visiting the Track& Manage My Order page. Customers can also dial the IKEA help number and request their representatives for your order cancellation. You can also chat with them online regarding your request. 

How Can I Cancel My IKEA Order?

If you no longer require your order, you can cancel it online from the website or by contacting their Customer Support department. 

Cancel IKEA Order Online

1. You can cancel your IKEA order online from their official website by visiting the Track and Manage Your Order page. 

2. Hit the See all your orders button on the page and this will present you with a list of all the orders you placed on IKEA. 

3. Choose the order that you wish to cancel and see the order status. 

4. Click on the Cancel button near your IKEA order and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel IKEA Order By Phone Call

1. You can also dial their Customer Support number to cancel or reschedule your IKEA order. 

2. Dial 1-888-888-4532 and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your IKEA order and provide your order number and other details. 

4. Inform them if you want to reschedule your order and when done, confirm cancellation. 

Contact IKEA Via Live Chat

1. The customers can ask their order-related or other queries through the online chat feature provided by IKEA. 

2. Navigate to IKEA Contact Us page and click on the Chat option at the bottom right. 

3. You can talk to one of their agents online via live chat and can choose the subject of your request from the options available.

4. Do follow the steps as prompted and they will help you accordingly. 

What Is IKEA Return Policy?

According to IKEA, if the customers are unsatisfied with the products or items they ordered from there then they are allowed to return them within 365 days if the items are unopened or new. Also, if you have already opened the ordered item then you will be provided with 180 days time to return it. If you are wishing for a complete refund then you must possess your purchase receipt or any proof of your order purchase. 

You will be refunded in a similar, original payment form after you return the order. However, returns might not be accepted if your orders are very damaged, dirty, or had undergone some modifications by you. If you purchased the product in-store and need to return then you can contact their Customer Support for a pick-up. You can download the IKEA Return Packing Slip pdf and place it on the package. 

IKEA Cancel Order- FAQs

Does IKEA Give Refunds For Canceled Orders?

Yes, you can receive a complete refund from IKEA after canceling your order. Customers are allowed to make cancellations of their orders for up to 14 days after the order has been delivered. 

What Happens If You Don’t Pickup IKEA Order?

If you are unable to pick up your IKEA order due to some reason then they will hold your order for about 24 hours. They will contact you and even send you an SMS for the same and if it’s still unsuccessful, the item will be returned and you will be refunded in full for your ordered item. 

How Do I Contact IKEA Customer Service?

If you still have queries related to your orders and more then you can contact the IKEA Customer Support department and they will help you accordingly. You can call their agent by dialing their support number 1-888-888-4532 and tell them about your question. You can also be connected to an agent online with their Live Chat feature. Visit the official page and navigate to the chat section at the bottom to get in touch with them. 

Wrap Up

IKEA can provide you with several options for your home decoration and also at affordable prices. You can easily place an order or just cancel it by following the detailed order cancellation steps that we discussed above. The customers are also welcome to return their order and receive a refund for the same. Contact their Customer Service department for more such questions. You can also cancel your Williams-Sonoma order if you purchased furniture from there.

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