How To Contact Priceline Customer Service? Easy Cancelation!!

How To Contact Priceline Customer Service To Cancel Reservation?

Did you book a hotel for your vacation but now your trip has been canceled? Well, you might not have to worry about the money you paid if you had made the reservation from Priceline. Priceline customer services are generous enough to help you with the cancelation of your reserved booking as well as provide you with an eligible refund. 

Through Priceline, one can easily cancel their booking to hotels and other services without any cancelation charges. So, anyone who is planning a vacation trip but is not sure whether it will go as planned or not should book their hotel from Priceline so that they do not have to worry about the refunds later.

To cancel your Priceline reservation, you have to go to the My Trips section of your account and click on “View Itinerary”. There you will have to enter your email and identification number and then click on the Cancel button for the reservation that you wanted to cancel. Alternatively, you also have the option to contact the customer service of Priceline and make a request for the cancelation of your reservation. 

Continue reading this article if you want to know more about the entire cancelation procedure in detail for your reservation made through Priceline. 

How To Cancel Priceline Reservations?

There are two possible ways in which you can easily have your reservation with Priceline canceled, while one method is manual where you can cancel the reservations online, and the other method requires you to contact Priceline customer service. 

Let us describe and explain both methods of cancelation after which you can choose the steps of whichever process you find more suitable for yourself.  

How To Cancel Your Priceline Reservations Online? 

The process is lengthy, but not difficult, so you can think of canceling your Priceline reservation manually. 

First of all, you will be required to head to the official website of Priceline and log in to your account. There, you will see the “My Trips” section, click on it. 

Now, select the “View Itinerary” option from the menu. There you will be required to enter your linked email address of the reservation along with the identification number of the trip that has been associated with your respective booking. 

Now, you can find the Cancel button on the screen and click on it. 

You should receive a confirmation email from their customer support on the successful cancelation of your booking so make sure that you get one. 

How To Contact Priceline Customer Service To Cancel Reservation?

If you do not want to go through the hassle of manually canceling your booking on Priceline, then there are several ways in which you can contact customer support at Priceline. 

If you want to call customer service at Priceline you need to contact the number 1 877 477 5807 if you are from the USA, and 44 20 861 8007 if you are from Europe. You will be connected with one of the customer support executives of Priceline who you can speak with and request the cancelation of your reservation. They will process your request and make the cancelation accordingly. 

Apart from the calling option, you can also send a text message to the number 33296 with a request for the cancelation of your reservation to Priceline and they will follow it. 

You can also have a live chat with the customer support representative of Priceline on the Priceline Help Center page of their website. Just click on the Chat button on the screen and have a conversation with their executive. 

Apart from all these methods, you can also simply compose an email mentioning your request for the cancelation of your reservation to Priceline and then send it to [email protected].  They will soon check your request and respond to it accordingly. 


What Is The Cheapest Day To Book On Priceline? 

The best day on which travelers find the lowest ADRs on Priceline is Fridays, so, you should also check out the booking options on the nearest Friday to the time you are planning for a reservation through Priceline. 

Is Priceline VIP Membership Free?

Yes, the VIP membership of Priceling is free for anyone so you do not require to pay any amount for it. As you make your bookings with Priceline, you also become eligible for certain perks and benefits. Higher the number of bookings a Priceline VIP member makes, the more savings they can in their reservations. 

Can You Change A Priceline Reservation?

Yes, except for the Express Deals, all your reservations made on Priceline are allowed to be flexibly altered as per your requirements. However, you should take care of the fare rules of the respective airlines if you want to change a reservation for your flight. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have been successful in canceling your reservation at the hotel that you booked through Priceline. Make sure that you discuss with their customer support executive the refund that you are eligible for so that there is no trouble later. 

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