How To Cancel Audible Membership?

Cancel Audible Membership

Did you spend much of your time on Audible listening to your favorite podcasts? If you require a break from the platform or are planning to end their services then we can help you cancel your Audible membership with ease.

Audible is an online service platform that allows users to stream audiobooks and podcasts anytime they want after purchasing them. It is a great option to spend your lazy afternoons listening to the people you admire or the books that made a difference. You can select from the numerous available options and enjoy your time.

If you are unsatisfied with the services of Audible or have to cancel your plan due to some other reason then there are some easy methods to do that. It all depends on the platform you selected to purchase the membership. You can easily cancel your Audible membership from your iOS and Android devices. You can also cancel your membership from the app.

Does Audible Has A Free Trial? Audible Membership Plans And Charges

The home of storytelling has a great number of audiobooks and podcast options for you to purchase. The platform does provide a free trial for 30 days and after the free trial period is over, you will be charged according to the membership plan you selected.

Membership PlanDurationCharges
Audible Plus1 month$7.95 a month
Audible Premium Plus1 month$14.95 a month

Audible membership plans are available for you as Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. The Audible Plus membership plan is available for a monthly price of $7.95 a month. With this plan, users get the benefits of Audible Originals, podcasts, sleep tracks, audiobooks, and meditation programs.

The Audible Premium Plus membership plan can be purchased at $14.95 a month. Similar to the Audible Plus plan, you get Audible Originals, podcasts, sleep tracks, audiobooks, and meditation programs. But what makes this plan more costly if all the benefits are similar? Well, with this plan, you can also get to choose 1 title per month from Audible’s entire catalog.

How Do I Cancel My Audible Membership? Different Ways To Cancel It?

You can easily cancel your Audible membership from the platform you selected to purchase it.

Cancel Audible On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings application on your iOS device.

2. Tap on your name and then sign in to your Apple Id.

3. Go to the Subscriptions page on your account.

4. Choose the Audible membership that you wish to cancel.

5. Tap on the Cancel Subscription option and then confirm the procedure.

Cancel Audible On Android Device

1. From your Android device, go to the Google Play Store.

2. Tap on your profile icon at the top of the screen page.

3. From the Menu options available, select Payments and Subscriptions.

4. Now select Subscriptions and choose the Audible subscription you wish to cancel.

5. Tap on Cancel Subscription and you are done.

Cancel Audible Online

If you are on your mobile device then you can tap on the Cancel button and it will directly take you to the online or the website version to proceed with your membership cancellation.

1. You can also directly visit to cancel your membership plan.

2. Log in to your Audible account and navigate to the Account Details page.

3. Select your Audible membership plan and then hit the Cancel Membership button.

4. You will be required to provide a reason for your membership cancellation.

5. You will soon receive an email from them confirming your membership cancellation.

Cancel Audible Membership- FAQs

Can I Pause My Audible Membership?

Yes, the members are allowed to pause their Audible membership. You can keep your Audible account on hold about once every 12 months. For that, you will be required to visit the Account Details page and then hit the Pause Membership button. You can also contact the Customer Service department or email them for the same.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Audible Subscription?

Are you unable to cancel your Audible subscription? The reason could be the method you are using to cancel your membership. Do remember that you cannot cancel your Audible membership from its application. Even if you try hitting the Cancel button on the app, it will take you to the desktop version of Audible and you can cancel it from there. 

Why Does Audible Keep Charging Me?

If Audible keeps charging you then probably you have a membership purchased to your account. If you don’t want Audible to charge you anymore then you will have to cancel your membership plan. If you tried cancellation and they are still charging you then probably your plan is still working. Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully to cancel your plan. 

If I Cancel Audible Do I Keep My Books?

Yes, even if you cancel your Audible membership, you will still keep the books or titles you purchased already. All the content you purchased is yours and you can use it anytime you want even after canceling Audible. 

Wrap Up

Audible is a great option for all book lovers who prefer audiobooks and podcasts. The platform is an ocean of your favorite content and you can choose the best options for you. However, if you no longer wish to use their services or need a break then you can easily pause your membership or cancel it. Follow the detailed steps discussed above to cancel your Audible membership plan. You can visit the official website for more details. 

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