How To Contact Expedia Customer Service To Cancel Reservations?

How To Contact Expedia Customer Service To Cancel Reservations?

No matter you want to get your reservation for an Expedia flight canceled or for an Expedia hotel, we have answers for both in all the possible conditions your booking might be falling into. Go through the procedures below to find the answer you are looking for according to the situation that fits you. 

There are a number of travel agencies from where you can easily book your flights as well as hotel rooms to wherever you want for your vacations or business trips. One such platform is the Expedia Group which is a company based in America. 

To cancel your Expedia reservation, you need to head to your Expedia account and open the “My Trips” section over there. Next, you have to go to your Expedia Itinerary where you will find your flight as well as hotel bookings. Click on the reservation which you would like to cancel and select the Cancel option for the same. 

How To Cancel Expedia Reservations?

Well, the cancelation of the flight is helpful only when you are also going to get a refund and process the cancelation within the right time period. So keep reading to get all the important details that you might need for canceling your reservation on Expedia.

How To Cancel Expedia Flight Reservation?

If you are canceling your flight reservation to Expedia, then the first thing you need to check is whether the respective flight is refundable or not.

Cancelation Of Refundable Expedia Flight

If your booked Expedia flight is refundable, then go to your Expedia account and head to the My Trips section. Open the Itinerary option where you will see the Cancel or Change option. You can choose the cancel option and follow up as directed. 

As you do this, you will receive a confirmation email on the successful cancelation of your flight. You will also receive your refund within 6 to 8 weeks of canceling your flight. 

If you do not find the cancel option for your flight, then you need to check if your flight is covered by the flex or waiver policy of the airline which you can find on their official website. In such a case, if it is covered, then click on the Cancel option in your Itinerary list, and you will be directed to the airline’s page where you will be able to get a flight credit for cancelation. 

Cancelation Of Non-Refundable Expedia Flight

If your flight is not refundable, then you can still be able to cancel it and get a flight credit in return if your flight is covered by the waiver or flex policy of the airline. So, just go to your account and open the My Trips section where you have to click on the Cancel button on your Itinerary. 

You will be directed to the airline’s page where you will find how much flight credit you will receive. Confirm your choice of cancelation and the credit added to your account. 

How To Cancel Expedia Hotel Booking?

If you have booked a hotel room through Expedia and now wish to cancel it, then you have to log in to your Expedia account and head to the My Trips section. There you will see the “Manage Booking” option in your Expedia Itinerary. Click on it and select the Cancel option for your respective hotel booking. 

As you do this, your booking shall be canceled and you will receive a refund for the same. 

If your hotel booking is non-refundable, then there is no use trying to cancel the booking as you are not going to receive anything for it. 

How To Contact Expedia Customer Service?

There can be certain instances when the online options might not work for you while processing the cancelation of your reservations on Expedia. In such cases, you also have the option of contacting customer service at Expedia and discussing the matter with them and find out a resort for the issue. 

For this, all you need to do is dial the number 1 (800) EXPEDIA and you will be able to connect with one of the customer support representatives of Expedia who you can speak with and put forth any queries that you have. 

You can also contact the virtual assistant of Expedia on the customer service page of their website by clicking on the Chat Now page over there. 

Does Expedia Charge A Cancelation Fee?

Well, from Expedia’s side, there is no cancelation fee charged after the first 24 hours, however, the hosts to which you have made the bookings can have their own cancelation policies under which they might charge a cancelation fee and you would not get a full refund on canceling your reservations, so, you need to first check into it before making a decision. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude our article with the hope that you have found all the necessary information that you had been looking for regarding the cancelation of your Expedia booking to a hotel or a flight. The cancelation would be useful to you only if the host also offers a full or at least a partial refund for the same. If you have also made your Disney Land reservations and want to cancel them, then you can check out our guide on that too.

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