How To Cancel Euro Car Parts Order With These 3 Simple Methods?

How To Cancel Euro Car Parts Order

Are you a frequent customer of Euro Car Parts? Sometimes, this might happen to you that you accidentally ordered the wrong products for your car and want to cancel it as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to cancel Euro Car Parts Order, then we are here to help you out with this.

In the UK, Euro Car Parts is a prominent distributor of auto parts and accessories. For all makes and models of vehicles, Euro Car Parts offers a vast selection of products, including auto parts, equipment, accessories, and maintenance supplies. Additionally, they offer a range of services through their in-house team of professionals, including diagnostics, repairs, and installations. Check out Euro Car Parts Website. 

You can cancel your Euro Car Parts order, as soon as you placed it. There are three different ways to cancel your order which include the following. 

  • Cancel Via Email
  • Cancel Over The Phone
  • Cancel Via Mail

Can You Cancel Your Euro Car Parts Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Euro Car Parts order within 14 days. They might be able to cancel your order, depending on the product that you have chosen. But, they will not change the details of your order, once the order is submitted. 

In the case of home delivery, they are unable to cancel your order once it has been received and started the delivery process. You have two options: either accept delivery and then plan a return, or refuse delivery of the item.

In the case of store collection, don’t pick up your order within 7 days and the order will automatically be canceled by their team and your refund for that order will be initiated and sent back to your account if you have done pre-payment. 

Do not collect your order within 3 days, if you still have to pay in-store, after 3 days your order will be canceled by Euro Car Parts. 

How To Cancel Euro Car Parts Order Via Email?

You can cancel your Euro Car Parts by getting the help of the Euro Car Parts Customer Service Team. One of the ways to get in touch with their team is via email. 

Follow these steps to send a cancelation request of your order to Euro Car Parts via email. 

  • Open your email account and composed an email for canceling your order 
  • Type “Order Cancelation Request” as the Subject, so that their team will clearly know your intention to email
  • Include the Order Number, Full Name, and the reason for your cancelation in your email
  • Finish your email and send that composed email to [email protected] 

How To Cancel Euro Car Parts Order Over The Phone?

Follow these steps to cancel Euro Car Parts over the phone.

  • Call Euro Car Parts Customer Service Number at +44 (0) 203 788 7842. Make sure your order number is available. 
  • When a representative answers the phone, let them know you want to cancel your order and give them your order number.
  • Your cancellation reason might be requested by the representative. Explain your situation honestly.
  • The representative will then determine whether it is possible to cancel the order. If the order can be canceled, they will let you know and give you any additional instructions or steps you might need to take.
  • Ask the customer service agent to confirm that the order cancellation has been made, and request that an email confirmation be sent to you.
  • End the call by thanking the representative for their assistance.

How To Cancel Euro Car Parts Order Via Mail?

You can send a request letter to cancel your order via mail to Euro Car Parts Address. Follow these steps to cancel Euro Car Parts via mail. 

  • Send a letter to the Euro Car Parts customer service team at their address. 
  • Include the following in the letter- Your Order Number, Your Full Name, Your Contact Information, and the reason for cancelation. 
  • You should ask for confirmation that the order has been canceled as well as any additional instructions or steps you might need to take.
  • Use registered mail or courier service to send the letter so you can track its delivery and make sure it gets to Euro Car Parts.
  • When Euro Car Parts receives your letter, they will review your request to cancel and get back to you with the results. They might get in touch with you by phone or email to confirm the cancellation and give you any additional instructions.

Euro Car Parts Mail Address: 

Euro Car Parts Limited,

T2 Birch Coppice Business Park,

Danny Morson Way,



B78 1SE 

How To Return Euro Car Parts Order?

If the item is delivered to you and you are unhappy with the products, then you have the option of returning your Euro Car Parts order. You have different ways to return your order.

  • You can return your Euro Car Parts Order to in-person in their stores. 
  • Return your order by courier
  • Return your order by post

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Euro Car Parts?

Yes, you will get your refund from Euro Car Parts if you returned your order within 60 days. Make sure the items or products are in good and in unused condition. Euro Car Parts Refund Time is 14 days. You will get your refund within 14 days. 

What Is Euro Car Parts Surcharge Refund?

The term “deposit-refund system” (DRS), also referred to as “deposit-return system,” “advance deposit fee,” or “deposit-return scheme,” refers to a system where a product is subject to a surcharge at the time of purchase and a rebate upon return.


Regardless of whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, Euro Car Parts is a dependable and trusted source for all your automotive needs. You can opt for any of these above-mentioned methods to cancel your order from Euro Car Parts. All of them are really very effective and easy. Also Know, how to cancel Elmo Car Subscription.

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