How To Cancel YouFit Membership In 2 Easy Ways?

How To Cancel YouFit Membership

Are you using your YouFit Membership services rarely? Maybe you are getting bored, or due to health issues, you don’t wanna continue with your YouFit Services. Whatever, the reason is, we made it simple for you to cancel YouFit Membership. You will get to know about them later in this article. 

A fitness facility called YouFit provides gym memberships to people who want to get fitter and healthier. YouFit offers a variety of membership plans with varying costs and advantages. During regular business hours, the basic membership option typically grants access to the gym’s amenities.

You can cancel your YouFit Membership at any time by submitting a cancelation request form to their team. The ways to submit the form to their team include the following- Visiting the YouFit Nearest Health Club or Through Certified Mail.  

How To Cancel YouFit Membership By In-Person?

The first method to cancel your YouFit Membership is by visiting your YouFit club or location and asking one of the team members of the club to cancel your membership. They will then provide you with a cancelation form. Fill out that Cancel YouFit Membership Form and submit it to their team to cancel your membership. 

After that, you need to pay the necessary YouFit Cancel Membership Fee of $10 according to YouFit Membership Agreement. Ten days’ notice is required. In order to cancel, all fees that are due within the next ten days must be paid. 

Well!! If for any reason you are not able to cancel your membership, then you can submit your cancelation request by sending them a certified mail. Follow the steps below to cancel your membership via certified mail. 

How To Cancel YouFit Membership Via Certified Mail?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your YouFit Membership via Certified Mail. 

  1. Send an email or letter with your name, the date, your billing address, the last three digits of the debit or credit card you have on file, your birthdate, your account number, and the reason you want to cancel.
  1. Include a cheque or money order for any other unpaid fees as well as the necessary cancellation fee.
  1. Send the mail to their Mailing Address

YouFit Mailing Address

4032 W. Hillsboro Blvd.,

Deerfield Beach,

FL 33442

How To Cancel YouFit Account?

After, canceling your YouFit Membership, now if you want to cancel your YouFit Account, then you can easily do so by sending an Account Cancelation Request to their team by sending an email to [email protected] After getting your Email, their team member will delete your YouFit Account permanently. 

How To Freeze YouFit Membership?

Yes, you can freeze your YouFit Membership for up to 60 days and a maximum of 180 days. To freeze your YouFit Membership, you need to visit your nearest gym location and submit the freezing form to them or you can send a certified mail to their team.

For freezing assistance, you can make a call at 888-YOUFIT-1

How To Contact YouFit Customer Service?

If you are stuck in any problem while using your YouFit Membership services, or for any kind of technical support, you can get immediate help from their team in some of the following ways. 

  • Make a call to YouFit Customer Service Phone Number at 888-968-3481
  • Get YouFit Contact Us Form and by filling out the form, send the form to their team by hitting the “Submit” button. Their team will get in touch with you soon.
  • You can get Live Chat Support also on their Contact Page from the bottom right corner of the screen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Change YouFit Membership Information?

If you want to make any kind of changes to your YouFit Membership information or details, you can simply do so by filling out the Membership Information Change Form and submitting the form to their team.  

How To Freeze Or Cancel Your Personal Training Agreement?

If you are thinking about freezing, then we must tell you that you are unable to freeze your Personal Training. But, in order to cancel it, you need to fill out the PT Cancelation Form. You can download the Membership Information Change Form & PT Cancelation Form from YouFit Membership Policies Page

What Are The Best Alternatives To YouFit Health Clubs?

If you successfully cancel your YouFit Membership, then here are some alternatives that you can try instead of YouFit. 
Anytime Fitness
Blink Fitness
Pure Barre


At any moment if your life, you can cancel your YouFit Membership without any difficulty. Just submit a simple cancelation form by visiting the health club or by sending it via mail to their team and they will then further proceed with the cancelation process for you.

Don’t forget to check your email for membership cancelation confirmation. For any assistance, feel free to contact YouFit Customer Team at any time.

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