How To Cancel Whoop Membership? Say Goodbye To Whoop In 4 Ways!

Cancel Whoop Membership

It is easy to get a Whoop membership with those attractive straps that are just the best tool to track your fitness and monitor your health. The device tells you about your daily strain and the result of it on your health. But if you no longer desire those membership benefits then you are also permitted to cancel it. 

The cool digital wristbands people usually wear today have the ability to track your fitness routine and how your daily movements affect your health. Whoop has created an ideal strap to keep an account of your fitness and health. It can track your movements, your recovery rate, and even your sleep performance. A Whoop Pro membership also provides you with benefits to get access to various accessories and other gear. 

To cancel your Whoop membership, you can go to the official website and log in> Menu> Membership> Cancel your Membership. Confirm your step and you will be able to cancel your Whoop membership in no time. 

If you are wondering if can you cancel Whoop before 6 months, well, yes, you can cancel Whoop membership anytime.

What Is Whoop And Why Do You Need It?

Bringing your health and fitness back on track is important, but keeping a track of your health and fitness routine is equally important. Whoop is a wearable strap for fitness tracking and coaching. It notes the physiological details of your and also improves your fitness training.

The device just looks like a colored strap or a band and you know what makes it more unique from all those health trackers? There is no screen attached to it. It is just a normal strap and to access your data, you need to get the Whoop application on your device. Whoop is not just for your wrists, there are also bicep bands and others as per your wish. 

Whoop strap records the user’s heart rate, skin temperature or heat, breathing rate, blood oxygenation levels, and even if there is variability in your heart rate. It lacks the GPS feature but gives great details on your physiological data. Whoop measures the strain value during the day and even during a particular fitness activity.

The hard you work or the more cardio you do higher will be the strain value. However, it is not just fitness exercises that strain you, even anxiety can enhance your strain value. These unique features make whoop bands the best in the game. 

How Can I Get A Whoop Membership?

You can easily get a Whoop membership and its benefits following the simple steps discussed below:

>Go to the official page of Whoop. 

>You will find numerous tabs on the top of the screen. Click on the Membership tab and scroll down the screen.

>You will see the Get Started button, click on it. 

>The first option is to Customise your band where you select the strap color you wish to have from the various available choices. 

>Choose the color of your choice and click on Join Now. 

>Next step is to choose the Membership Plans from the given options. You can select from a 24 months membership plan, an annual membership plan, or a monthly plan. 

>You can later choose other accessories you wish to add to your cart and according to your selected plan, you may even get free gifts. 

>Create an account and provide your details of shipping and more. 

>Pay and you are done. 

Can I Cancel My Whoop Membership?

Yes, when you no longer need it, you can easily cancel your Whoop Membership. The membership does provide you with several benefits like getting access to various cool accessories from Whoop, numerous discounts and gifts, many discounts, and more.

However, if you no longer wish to continue the membership plan or don’t find it that important or beneficial then you can cancel your membership from the website. You can also cancel your Whoop membership via a request form or by sending a mail to them. You can even contact customer support.

How Can You Cancel Whoop Membership?

To cancel your Whoop Membership plans, You will have to follow the given steps for that:

Cancel Membership Through The Website

>Login to the official website of Whoop. 

>Click on the Menu option. 

>Select Membership from the other options available. 

>Search for the Cancel your Membership option at the bottom of the screen page and click it. 

>You can confirm your Membership Cancellation step and it is done. 

*When you have canceled your Whoop Membership, you can choose from the options that suit you the best. You can either pay in full for the months left for your commitments or just go with the current payment schedules till your date of commitment ends. 

Cancel Membership Via Request Form 

>You will be required to visit the Membership Cancelation Request page. 

>In the Issue Detail box, choose Accounts and Membership.

>From the inverted arrow, select Cancellation from the options. 

>The next is the Subject box where you will have to type Request to cancel my membership. 

>The Description Box will require the reason for cancellation. 

>Enter the email address that is linked to your Whoop account. 

>Click on Submit and this will confirm the process. 

Cancel Membership Via Sending Mail

Another way to cancel your Whoop membership is to compose and send a mail to the officials for this purpose. Just compose a mail from the email account that is associated with your Whoop account and type Request to cancel my Whoop Membership. Type in your mail and request and then send it to [email protected]

You will get a response from them soon if your membership has been canceled or for any other reason regarding that. 

Cancel Your Membership Through Contacting Customer Support

The customers are also provided with an option to contact Customer Support to cancel their Whoop membership. You can contact Customer Support by calling on (844) 490-1593 and requesting them to cancel your Whoop membership. 

Cancel Whoop Membership- FAQs

Can You Cancel Whoop After Free Trial?

Yes, the users are allowed to cancel their free trial or membership within 30 days of receiving the order of Whoop. For that, you can log into your Whoop account and request a return. They will then get back to you and inform you if you are needed to return the device back or not. 

Will I Get A Refund For Cancelling My Whoop Membership?

Yes, you will get a refund for canceling your Whoop Membership within 30 days of receiving the product. You will get a full refund of your Membership fee according to the plan you choose minus the shipping charges.
This would be possible when you return back the strap and once they get it back, you will get the refund. If you want to cancel the membership without paying, try to do it within thirty days of the order being received. 

Can I Cancel My Whoop Membership On App?

No, you cannot cancel your Whoop Membership on the application. You will have to go to the official website for canceling your membership and then follow the steps discussed above to cancel it. 

Does Whoop Automatically Renew Membership?

Yes, Whoop Pro gets auto-renewed during the completion of your membership plan. It gets auto-renewed annually when your plans end. However, if you get a 24 months extension, you will be charged for both Whoop Pro and the price of the membership extension. 

Can I Use Whoop Without A Whoop Membership?

No, you cannot use Whoop without getting a membership. When you buy it, you initiate with the process of choosing a membership plan. So, you are unable to use Whoop if you don’t have a membership plan.  

Wrap Up

To keep a track of your health and fitness, you can choose Whoop due to its various benefits. However, if you are not satisfied with the product or its working then you can also cancel it by following the steps mentioned above. Note the details of the cancellation and refund policy and end your membership whenever you wish. 

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