How To Cancel Warhammer Plus Subscription?

Cancel Warhammer Plus Subscription

Have you lost your interest in Warhammer or you have already made the best use of your subscription to Warhammer Plus? Well, in any case, you must be thinking to get rid of the services that you have been paying for as a Warhammer fan, right? And we know how this can be done without much effort. 

All the Warhammer fans must have tried the subscription to Warhammer Plus through which they get a chance to explore the world of Warhammer in a whole new way by having access to a lot of original shows and animations as well as Warhammer apps. Not just this, the subscribers also get to use various offers and a digital vault with a lot of magazines and lore. 

To cancel your Warhammer Plus subscription, you need to send them an email request mentioning the same with the necessary details related to your subscription, or you can also head to their website and fill out their cancelation notice form after which their customer support shall reach out to you and do the remaining task of cancelation. 

To know in detail how your subscription to Warhammer Plus can be canceled quite easily, continue reading this article. 

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Can You Cancel Your Warhammer Plus Subscription Anytime?

Yes, you are able to cancel your subscription to Warhammer Plus whenever you want by connecting with the customer support team of the same. Once the cancelation of the subscription has been confirmed and implemented, you will still be able to have access to your current subscription to the services of Warhammer Plus as long as the current billing cycle is going on. 

By the end of this billing cycle, your subscription plan shall be terminated and you will only be able to use its services once you subscribe to it again.  

How To Cancel Warhammer Plus Subscription?

If you no longer want to access the services of your subscription to Warhammer Plus, then you will be required to first notify their customer support about the same. Well, this can be done in two simple ways, let us explain them to you so that you can choose whichever method you prefer. 

How To Cancel Warhammer Plus Subscription Via Email? 

You can do so by sending them an email regarding your request for the cancelation of the respective subscription. 

In the email, you have to provide all the necessary details related to your Warhammer Plus subscription and then you can send it to the address [email protected] along with your request that you no longer wish to continue your subscription to Warhammer Plus.  

Their customer support shall respond to your email request accordingly and after attaining all the necessary details that they might need, your respective subscription shall be terminated. 

How To Cancel Warhammer Plus Subscription Online?

Another option that you have for canceling your subscription to Warhammer Plus requires you to fill out an online cancelation form to provide the notice to their customer support according to which they can proceed with your request. 

For this, you need to first head to the official website of Warhammer Plus on your device and go to the Subscription area of the page. There you will find an option to provide a cancelation notice to the customer support team of Warhammer, fill it out, and submit the form after which customer support shall connect with you and confirm the cancelation of the subscription which you asked for. 

How To Get A Refund From Warhammer Plus?

Generally, you can’t get a refund on canceling Warhammer Plus because you still get to continue the services till the time for which you have already paid has passed, however, if you are based in Turkey, South Africa, or Israel, then the conditions are a little different. 

In that case, as soon as your cancelation notice is confirmed, your subscription services shall be terminated which means that you can get a refund for the remaining time of the subscription that has gone unused. You can simply contact customer support via email at the address [email protected] and make a request for the refund that you are eligible for. 

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How To Cancel Warhammer Imperium Subscription?

If you are subscribed to Warhammer Imperium and wish to cancel it, you just need to let their customer support know the same. To do this, you just need to head to their official website and you will find a “Submit a request” button at the top of the screen, click on it, and enter your request for the termination of your ongoing subscription. 

Wrapping Up

In the hope that we have been successful in providing you with all the necessary details that you required for proceeding with the termination of your subscription to Warhammer Plus, we conclude this article. Make sure that you request a refund if you are residing in an eligible location so that you can have your money back for the unused part of your respective subscription. 

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