How To Cancel VSCO Membership? Easy Hacks To Delete VSCO!

Cancel VSCO Membership

Did you find a better photo editing application? Well, then you might not require your VSCO membership anymore. If you are not happy with the platform or don’t want to use it for some other reason then we are here to help you cancel your VSCO membership by providing you with the simple steps to achieve that. 

VSCO or VSCO Cam as known before is a photography app where you can click pretty pictures of yours and edit them accordingly. You can edit your images and also share them on other platforms as you wish. The users also get to edit their videos on this platform. 

It is easy to cancel your VSCO membership and it depends on the platform you selected to purchase it. You can cancel your membership on your iOS and Android device. We can also help you delete your account on VSCO if you have no plans to get back to the application. 

VSCO Membership Plans And Charges

Clicking and editing pictures before posting them on Social media is like a trend and to make things easier for people, there are numerous applications that allow you to click pictures, edit them and share them and all these features are available in one place.

VSCO is one such application where the users get to click pictures and edit them as they like. There are also several new features that you can get access to at VSCO by purchasing their membership plan. With their membership, you get access to many advanced editing tools and about 200+ presets.

There are many other perks that you can enjoy if you purchase their membership. The Annual membership of VSCO initiates at $29.99 and you enjoy the membership benefits for a year. The Monthly membership of VSCO starts at $7.99 and you can get access to all the special features of the membership for a month. 

Does VSCO Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, VSCO does provide a free trial to its users for 7 days where they can learn about the benefits of the membership and what they can get with their membership plan. Go to the Membership Page of VSCO on your application and tap on Subscribe Now.

You can now start your 7-day free trial of VSCO membership and this trial is only available as one free trial per customer. And as your free trial ends, you will be charged for a year of your VSCO Membership. 

So, if you don’t want to get charged then you can prevent paying for the membership by canceling your free trial during the trial period so that you are not charged annually. To cancel your VSCO free trial, follow the membership cancellation steps as discussed below and terminate your trial membership. 

How Do I Cancel My VSCO Membership?

You can cancel your VSCO membership on the platform where you purchased the subscription plan. 

Cancel VSCO Membership On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings application on your device and tap on your name. 

2. Sign in to your Apple ID by providing your credentials. 

3. Go to the Subscriptions tab and search for your VSCO membership. 

4. Tap on Cancel Subscription and follow the steps as directed to finish your cancellation procedure. 

Cancel VSCO Membership On Android Device

1. Open Google Play Store on your device and tap on your Profile icon. 

2. Choose the Payments&Subscriptions tab and then hit the Subscriptions button. 

3. Select your VSCO membership from the subscriptions option and tap on Cancel Subscription. 

4. Confirm the process and this will cancel your membership easily. 

How To Delete Your VSCO Account?

If you are determined to completely remove yourself from the platform then you can delete your VSCO account from your device. 

Delete VSCO Account On iOS Device

1. Open the VSCO application on your device and hit your profile icon at the bottom of the screen page. 

2. Open the Menu tab and select Settings from the options available. 

3. Tap on the Delete My Account option at the last. 

4. They will ask you to confirm your request so confirm that you wish to delete your VSCO account. 

Delete VSCO Account On Android

1. The app does not let the users delete their account through their VSCO android application so you can use the web browser for the same. 

2. Open VSCO from your web browser. 

3. Log in to your VSCO account or you might even be required to verify your login details if this is the first time you are signing in from the website. 

4. Go to the Menu icon and choose your Account option. 

5. On the page that appears, find the Delete my data section and then hit the Delete My Account button below. 

6. Confirm the procedure and you are done. 

Terminate VSCO Membership- FAQs

Why Is My VSCO Membership Not Working?

If you have purchased a membership at VSCO but it isn’t working then you must check if you are signed in from a similar account you purchased the subscription at. There are also chances of some newly added updates so do update your application if it isn’t working.

You can also try navigating to the Settings option in your VSCO account and then go to Support and Restore Membership to get the benefits of the membership.

Can I Get A Refund From VSCO?

VSCO does not issue any kind of refund to its members and if they wish, they can request a refund through the device platform where they purchased the subscription. The VSCO support team does not deal with refunds.

Why Can’t I Cancel My VSCO Membership?

If you are unable to cancel your membership then first make sure that you are using the correct steps to terminate your subscription as there are different membership cancellation methods for different platforms. Follow the steps carefully and you will be able to easily cancel your membership. 

Wrap Up

VSCO can be a good choice for all those who believe in clicking aesthetic pictures or editing them accordingly. However, that is not the only platform, you can explore more and look for some other exciting features.

So if you get a better option and then feel the need to cancel your subscription then go through the steps we discussed above and cancel your VSCO membership. You can also delete your account if you don’t want to use the platform even in near future. Do visit the official page to get answers to your queries. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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