How To Cancel UOB Credit Card?

How To Cancel UOB Credit Card?

Are you done with the high-interest rates and foreign transaction fees of your UOB credit card? Then, it is time for you to cancel your respective card right now and switch to a new one. 

UOB provides great rewards programs for their users, however, their minimum spend requirement is quite high. Moreover, it also comes with an annual fee. All these things make one want to terminate it.

To cancel your UOB credit card, go to their mobile app and open the Cards tab where you can clearly see your active credit card. Select it and hit the Cancel button to cancel your card. 

To know in detail all the possible ways to cancel your UOB credit card as well as how you can also cancel your other UOB cards too, you should continue reading further. 

How To Cancel UOB Credit Card?

There are a few methods available for those who do not wish to keep their UOB credit cards anymore and we are going to explain in detail each of those methods so that you can easily go through the cancelation process in whichever way you prefer. 

How To Cancel UOB Credit Card Online?

You can cancel your UOB credit card manually through the steps provided below. 

1. Launch the UOB Mighty mobile app on your phone. 

2. Log in to your respective UOB account.

3. Go to the Cards tab. 

4. Here, you can see your active UOB card/s.

5. Select the card that you do not wish to keep anymore.

6. Press the Cancel Card button for it. 

7. Follow up as instructed on the screen and your card will be terminated. 

Make sure that you have paid off all your outstanding balances on your card before you go for the cancelation of the same, otherwise, you will not be able to cancel your card. 

How To Cancel UOB Credit Card Over The Phone?

If you do not wish to go through the manual cancelation process for your UOB credit card, then you can also make a cancelation request for the same over the phone. 

For this, you will need to dial the number 1800 222 2121 (Singapore) or +65 6222 2121 (Overseas) which are the UOB credit card cancelation hotline numbers. 

You will then be connected with one of their customer support representatives who you can have a conversation and make your request for the cancelation of your card. 

You need to provide all your necessary personal as well as card details that they ask for so that they can process the cancelation of your credit card.  

Make sure to ask them for a confirmation message once your card is successfully canceled. 

How To Cancel UOB Debit Card Online?

If you wish to cancel your UOB debit card on your own, then you will need to log in to your account on your UOB Mighty mobile app and head to the Cards section. 

There, you can choose the debit card that you wish to cancel and press the “Cancel Card” button for the same. 

How To Cancel UOB Supplementary Card?

If you have a UOB supplementary card and wish to cancel it, first, log in to your UOB Mighty mobile app and go to the Cards tab. Choose the supplementary card that you do not want anymore and hit the Cancel Card button. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude our article on the cancelation of UOB credit cards and other cards that UOB offers. We hope that you have been successful in the termination of your card with the assistance of our easy guide. 

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