How To Cancel TruFit Membership? Effective Cancellation Steps!

cancel trufit membership

Are you done with your plans to stay fit or did you find a better and more affordable option for maintaining your health than TruFit? Whatever your reason is, if you are planning to leave then we can help you easily cancel your TruFit membership. 

TruFit as they say is a revolutionary fitness club to build a More Powerful You! It is easy to become a member at TruFit and receive the training and classes you desire with their special Child Care facility available for their members. 

To cancel your TruFit membership, you will be required to submit your cancellation request in writing. You can either visit your local TruFit club location to submit the request or send your request via certified mail to the club. 

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TruFit Membership Plans And Charges

There are different membership plans available for the customers and they can choose the one that works best for them. 

Membership PlanCharges

There are three membership plans available for those who wish to join TruFit athletic club. The Basic membership plan is available for $10 a month with a $29 enrollment fee. This membership plan provides you access to a Single club with limited perks and benefits. 

The Essentials membership plan can be purchased for about $24 a month with only a $2 enrollment fee. You get all clubs access. This plan can provide about 14 days free to the members. You can also get one 3D body scan per month with the Essentials plan. 

The Results+ membership plan is available to buy for $34 a month. There is a $2 enrollment fee for the members and they also get about 14 days free. This plan will provide you access to all clubs and in addition to the benefits of the Basic and Essentials membership plan, you also get Child Care, Guest privileges, and more. 

How Do I Cancel My TruFit Membership?

You can easily cancel your TruFit membership by submitting a written request to your local TruFit club. 

  1. You can submit your cancellation request by visiting your local club. Go to your local TruFit club and talk to the representative there at the front desk. 
  2. Tell them that you plan to cancel your TruFit membership and you will be required to provide them with a reason for your membership cancellation. 
  3. Provide them with a request for your membership cancellation in writing and follow the steps as directed by them. 
  4. They will inform you once your membership cancellation is done. 
  5. You can also submit the request as certified mail. 
  6. Write down that you wish to cancel your TruFit membership and provide your membership details with the reason for your cancellation and other important information. 
  7. Write the address of your local TruFit club and post the mail. 
  8. Remember to ask them to send you a confirmation message when the procedure is over. 

The club should receive your membership cancellation request about 10 days before your next bill date so that you are not charged for the next month. If you are in Texas then the time limit is about 30 days. If any of your past balances are due, you will be required to pay to finalize the cancellation. 

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Cancel TruFit Membership- FAQs

Can I Freeze My TruFit Membership?

Yes, if you are an active member then you will be allowed to freeze your TruFit membership. You can freeze your membership for medical or military reasons, temporary moving or missionary services can also allow you to freeze your club membership at TruFit. There won’t be any fee for freezing your membership and you will be required to write to your club about 10 days before the billing date. 

Is There A Cancellation Fee Required For TruFit Membership Cancellation?

No, TruFit does not ask for a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your club membership. However, to prevent being charged for your next billing, you must provide your cancellation request about 10 days before your billing date. The notice time limit is about 30 days for those club members residing in Texas. 

Can I Cancel My TruFit Membership Online?

No, you cannot cancel your TruFit Club membership online. The only option available for you is to submit your cancellation request in writing by either directly visiting your local club or by sending a certified mail to your club location. 

How Can I Contact TruFit Customer Service?

If you have queries concerned with the services provided by TruFit then you can easily connect with their Customer Help department. You must visit the TruFit Contact Page and hit the Clubs button. Now choose your club location and then write down your query and submit it. You will soon receive the help you need.

Wrap Up

TruFit provides several activities and fitness options for you to improve and maintain your health. There are several membership options available for those who are planning to join and you can select the best one for you.

However, if you don’t want to continue with your club membership then you can easily cancel it by following the cancellation steps discussed above in detail. You can also freeze your membership if you want to take a break but don’t want to cancel. Visit your local club for more related queries. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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