How To Cancel Torrid Credit Card?

How To Cancel Torrid Credit Card?

You must own a Torrid Credit Card because you are a regular customer of Torrid. But, now you are not into that much shopping with Torrid and its credit card is of no use to you and want to cancel it. 

Torrid is a fashion clothing website that deals in a variety of clothing fashion for women. It offers a credit card service to get amazing deals and discounts while purchasing something from Torrid by using Torrid Credit Card. 

You can cancel the Torrid Credit Card by dialing the number written on the back of the credit card or by contacting the Comenity Bank. 

Can You Cancel Torrid Credit Card?

Yes, you can cancel your Torrid Credit Card at any time. Make sure that your Torrid Credit Account has no balance before submitting your request to cancel your credit card. 

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How To Cancel Torrid Credit Card?

Remember, Torrid Credit Card is issued by the Comenity Bank. So, you need to contact the Comenity Bank customer service team to cancel your Credit Card. 

To contact Comenity Bank Customer Care, make a call at 1-800-853-2921 (TDD/TYY) and 1-800-695-1788. You can also dial the number written on the back side of the Credit Card. 

As you get connected with their service team on a call, request them to close your Credit Card Account by providing them the relevant details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Activate My Torrid Credit Card?

Once you receive your Torrid Credit Card, you need to go to the Credit Card Activation page and activate your card or you can contact the activation customer care team. 

What Are Torrid Credit Card Benefits?

You will get almost 40% off on your every Torrid purchase. Almost 50% off as a Welcome offer as soon as your card activates. 

How To Contact The Torrid Credit Card Customer Service?

Contact the Comenity customer care team at 1-800-853-2921 (TDD/TYY) and 1-800-695-1788 to get assistance with your Torrid Credit Card. 


Before canceling your Torrid Credit Card, check your Torrid Account. If there is any balance in it, then clear the outstanding balance first and then cancel the Credit Card by contacting the Comenity Bank.

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