100% Working Method To Cancel TJ Maxx Credit Card!!

100% Working Method To Cancel TJ Maxx Credit Card!!

What if you accidentally signed up for TJ Maxx Credit Card? No worries!! Mistakes happen. You can cancel your TJ Maxx Credit Card at any time. How? Will explain this in detail later in this article. 

With TJ Maxx Credit Card, you can get amazing benefits and discounts while shopping on a very popular company TJ Maxx. It is a company that deals in shopping products for men, women, kids, and the home. Today we will show you how easily you can cancel your TJ Maxx Credit card. 

You can cancel your TJ Maxx Credit Card by reaching out to their customer support team by making a call to their credit card service number and getting their help in cancelation. 

TJ Maxx Credit Card

TJ Maxx offers you two types of credit card services- TJX Rewards Credit Card and TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard. 

  1. You can only use The TJX Rewards Credit Card on its brand partners’ websites. 
  1. You are free to use The TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard anywhere. 

How To Cancel TJ Maxx Credit Card?

100% Working Method To Cancel TJ Maxx Credit Card- How To Cancel TJ Maxx Credit Card?

If you made up your mind to cancel the TJ Maxx Credit Card, then you can do so simply by getting in touch with the TJ Maxx Credit Card customer service team and asking them to cancel your Credit Card. 

To cancel your TJ Rewards Credit Card, you have to make a call at 1-800-952-6133, and to cancel your TJ Rewards Platinum Mastercard, make a call at 1-877-890-3150

Follow these steps for smooth cancelation of your TJ Maxx Credit Card. 

  1. First, check whether your credit card account has any balance or not. If not, then you can make a call on the support number (mentioned above). Make sure you redeem all the rewards of your credit card before its cancelation. 
  1. After making a call, when you get connected with a team member on a call, tell them to cancel your card. 
  1. Their team member will be asked you for some information about your credit card and will cancel it. 
  1. Remember, that canceling your credit card will affect or hurt your credit scores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact TJ Maxx Customer Service?

For any queries, you can call their customer service team. For online inquiries (1-833-888-0776), In-store inquiries (1-800-926-6299), TJX Rewards Credit Card (1-800-952-6133), and TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard (1-877-890-3150)

You can also Send a Message to their team by filling out the form available on TJ Maxx Contact Page. Scroll down to the page and get the form. 

Does TJ Maxx Credit Card Have Annual Fee?

No, TJ Maxx Credit Card has no annual fee as well as no monthly fee. 

Why Did TJ Maxx Close My Credit Card?

Yes, if your TJ Maxx Credit Card remains inactive for a long time, then TJ Maxx has the right to close your Credit Card without informing you. 

Does Canceling TJ Maxx Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

Yes, if you cancel your TJ Maxx Credit Card or any other company’s credit card, your credit scores will surely be affected. If your credit card account is active and you using it for a long time, then it will bring a large impact on your credit scores.  


That’s all!! You need to know about canceling your TJ Maxx Credit Card. We hope that you found this article useful and get a better understanding of the cancelation process. The cancelation procedure is simple and quick. 

All you just need to call the TJ Maxx Credit Card service team. Further work will be done by them. Make sure that you claimed all of your reward benefits before start with your cancelation. 

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