How To Cancel Target Order In 2 Simple Ways?

How To Cancel Target Order In 2 Simple Ways?

If there is any item that you have mistakenly ordered from Target but do not feel the need to use, then you should cancel your Target order as quickly as possible to be eligible for the cancelation and a suitable refund. 

On Target, you can order a wide range of products including your household essentials, home decor, furniture, food & beverages, kitchen & dining, as well as apparel & accessories for anyone. There are certain times that we place an order and right after that realize that there could be a better item to order. 

If you also want to cancel your wrong Target order, then open your Target account and go to your Orders section. Select the orders that you do not wish to receive and provide a reason for their cancelation and then submit it. Your orders shall be canceled right away and the payment amount for them shall be credited to your account. 

To know in detail the entire process of canceling your Target order along and all the possible methods for the same, keep reading this article. 

Can You Cancel Any Target Order?

Your orders from Target can be canceled but only if they have not been shipped yet. Once the item is shipped, you will be required to receive that order item or items in any condition. 

How To Cancel Target Order?

You can cancel your Target order in two ways, one from the Target application and the other through the official website of Target. Let us provide you with the steps for both methods so that you can cancel your order with the one you find easier to implement.

How To Cancel Target Order On App?

Here are the steps that the customers are required to follow for canceling their orders from Target right through the official Target app. 

1. Launch the Target app on your phone.

2. Log in to your Target account from where you have placed the order that you want to cancel now. 

3. Select the items in your account which you would like to cancel.

4. Then, click on the View Details option for those items.

5. Next, tap on the Cancel Items option that you see on the screen.

6. You will be required to provide a reason why you are canceling the order and then submit it.

7. Finally, confirm the cancelation of the selected items and you will be refunded for them as well. 

How To Cancel Target Order On Website?

If you have not installed the Target app on your device and do not want to install it either, then you can also cancel your order from the platform through their website, and below are given the steps for the same. 

1. Open a web browser on your device and head to the official website of Target. 

2. Log in to your Target account.

3. Head to the Profile section of your account.

4. Open the Orders list to view all the orders that you have placed from this account.

5. Choose the items that you would like to cancel.

6. Then select the View Details option for those items. 

7. Mark the items that you do not want to receive and choose a reason why you want to cancel them.

8. Finally, confirm your decision and submit it. 

As you do this, your selected orders shall be canceled provided that they have not been shipped yet.

How To Cancel A Shipped Target Order?

If your order on Target has been shipped already, then unfortunately, you will not be able to cancel it and you need to receive it in any case. However, once you receive the order, you can simply return it and get a refund, which becomes similar to cancel the order. 

To return your Target order that you do not want, you will be required to head to a nearby Target outlet store. Take your order item along with the receipt along with the barcode that you will find on the app or confirmation email to that store and ask their executive to return the order for you and request a refund for the same. They will keep the item if it is in the right state and get your refund amount credited to your account. 

How To Contact Target Customer Service?

If you are facing any issue with your order on Target or its cancelation, you can always reach out to customer support of Target and discuss the matter with them. For this, just make a phone call to 1 (800) 440 0680 and you will be connected with one of their customer support representatives to solve your problem. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you found this article helpful and didn’t have to keep a Target order that you do not plan to use in any way. If there is any other order from some other platform that you need to cancel, then just let us know and we shall provide you with the right method for that too.

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