How To Cancel Subscriptions On iPhone? Quick And Easy Ways!

how to cancel subscriptions on iPhone

There are numerous platforms and applications that require a subscription to use and people purchase those subscriptions on their devices. It is easy to purchase the subscriptions and the procedure is almost similar for every device, however, if you don’t want to continue using a subscription that you already possess then there are different ways to cancel your subscription based on the device you have. 

If you want to cancel a subscription that you already bought on your iPhone device then the procedure can be completed there on the device itself. You will have to go to the Settings application and sign in to your Apple ID. There, you will be able to terminate any service or cancel any subscription or membership you purchased. 

We have also discussed steps to cancel your subscriptions on your Mac device or on your Windows PC where you have the iTunes application. Follow the steps mentioned below for cancellation. 

How Can I Cancel Subscriptions On iPhone?

If you have purchased a subscription on your iPhone but don’t want to continue with it anymore then you can terminate the subscription from your device itself. 

1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone to proceed with the termination. 

2. You can now tap on your name on the screen page and then move to your Apple ID.

3. Ensure that you are signed in from your Apple ID and if not, provide the credentials for the same. 

4. Navigate to the Subscriptions section and there, you will see a list of all the subscriptions that you have purchased. 

5. Select the subscription that you want to cancel and then hit the Cancel Subscription button there. 

6. Confirm the procedure and terminate the services as required.

How To Cancel A Subscription On Mac Device

1. Open your Mac device and go to the App Store application to proceed. 

2. If you see your name on the screen, click it, and if you don’t see your name then hit the Sign in button. 

3. Now go to the Account Settings section from the given options and then look for Subscriptions

4. Click on the Manage button and then select the subscription you wish to cancel. 

5. Hit the Edit button next to the subscription you are canceling. 

6. Now click on the Cancel Subscription option on the page and confirm your cancellation. 

How To Cancel Subscription From Windows PC?

If you have the iTunes application on your Windows PC then you can cancel your subscription there. 

1. Open the iTunes application on your Windows PC to proceed with the cancellation. 

2. At the top of the page displaying on your PC screen, select Account and then go to View My Account

3. You must now navigate to the Settings section on the screen page and then select Subscriptions there. 

4. Click on the Manage option and then look for the subscription that you plan to cancel.

5. Click on the Edit button next to that subscription and then select Cancel Subscription from the screen. 

Cancel Subscriptions On iPhone- FAQs

How To Manage Subscriptions On Apple?

If you want to change or manage your subscription on your Apple device then you will have to open the Settings app on your iPhone. You can log in to your Apple ID from there by providing your credentials and then finding the subscriptions section. Now choose the subscription you want to edit or manage and then make the necessary changes. 

How To Get Money Back From Apple?

You will first be required to cancel your subscription and once you are done, you can request a refund if you are eligible. Visit the Report A Problem page of Apple and sign in with your Apple ID. Now click on the I’d like to option and then select Request a refund. Provide a reason for your refund request and then hit Next. Select the service you want a refund for and when you are done, click on Submit. Follow the steps as prompted and you are done.

How Can I Contact Apple Customer Support?

If you are having any problem using your Apple device or are unable to cancel or manage your subscriptions on your Apple device then you can get in touch with the Apple Service department by dialing their help number 1 (800) 275-2273. You can speak to a representative for your query and they will help you accordingly. Visit the Apple Support page for more related details. 

Wrap Up

You can easily purchase any subscription you want on your iOS device and can also easily cancel it if not required anymore. Follow the detailed steps discussed above and cancel your subscriptions on your iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC. You can manage your subscriptions if you want and request a refund if you are eligible. Contact the Apple Support team for more of your similar queries. You can also cancel your App Store subscription and Apple News Plus subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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