Can You Cancel A Stubhub Order? 3 Trusted Ways!

Cancel Stubhub Order

Do you think that you have wasted your money in purchasing a ticket from StubHub, or you have sold a ticket and now regretting it because you want to attend the show with your friends? In both cases, cancelation is the right way, to either your money or your ticket. In this article, we shall let you know how you can cancel a StubHub order easily or get a refund from it. 

On Stubhub, which is a company owned by eBay, anyone is allowed to either purchase or sell tickets online without any trouble. Those who are looking for tickets not available in the market can find them here, as well as those who bought a ticket but no longer want to attend the respective show can sell their ticket here. 

To cancel a StubHub order, you have to head to the My Tickets section of your account and select the My Sales option from there. Then, go to See Actions and select Make Changes. Here, you will easily be able to cancel the order from your side through a few clicks. 

Keep reading to know in detail how you can save your money or tickets on StubHub easily no matter if you are playing the role of a buyer or a seller on the platform. 

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Can You Cancel Stubhub Order?

As we know on Stubhub, one can either buy or sell tickets to various shows including a theatrical show, sporting event, or even a live concert.

The rules of cancelation also vary based on whether you are planning to cancel an order of a ticket as a buyer or a seller. 

Can You Cancel A Stubhub Order As A Buyer?

For your kind information, we want you to know that the tickets that are purchased once on Stubhub cannot be canceled in any condition.

The only thing that you are eligible for in such a case is to get a refund from StubHub for the ticket that you have purchased from the platform.  

Here are the two ways in which you can apply for a refund from StubHub:

1. Via Phone Call

2. Via Email

How To Get A Refund From StubHub Over The Phone

In this case, you need to contact the customer support of StubHub over the phone and ask them to provide you with a refund. 

Just dial the number +1 (866) 788 2482 on your phone and you will be connected to one of the customer support representatives of StubHub who you can speak with and ask to provide you with a refund.

Explain your case in detail to them and provide all the necessary information related to your order that the agent asks for.  They will soon process your request and the suitable refund amount shall be credited to your account. 

How To Get a Refund From StubHub Via Email

If you do not want to make a phone call, just simply compose an email mentioning your request for a refund from StubHub along with a suitable reason for which you are asking for the refund along with the evidence you have for the same. 

Once composed properly, you have to send this email to the official email address of the customer support of StubHub which is [email protected]

Their customer support shall look into your request and you will receive a response accordingly via email.

How To Cancel StubHub Purchase Via StubHub Community?

StubHub community is an amazing open discussion platform, where you get to share your experience as a member. You also get to discuss issues you face and get an instant solution by listening to the community members.

To cancel StubHub purchase using the community discussion section, you simply need to go to the Stubhub community. Scroll to the middle and click on “Start a Discussion”.

stubhub cancel purchase

You will find a similar window open on the screen. You can register to enter the community and start your discussions.

From the existing users, you can then ask the ways to cancel Stubhub tickets.

StubHub Cancellation Policy

According to StubHub cancellation policy, once you purchase a StubHub ticket or order, you cannot cancel it.

There is only one way to adjust your StubHub order which is by reselling your ticket and claiming the money back from that deal.

You will also be charged for your canceled ticket if you fail to provide the promised value. In case you remove the ticket after after it’s sold, you’ll be facing penalties for that too.

Can You Cancel Your StubHub Order As A Seller?

If you are the one who has sold a ticket and now wants to cancel the order, then you are allowed to do that. 

Here are the steps that you will be required to follow to cancel a Stubhub order:

1. Head to the official website of StubHub on your device’s web browser and log in to your account. 

2. Head to the “My Tickets” section, or simply go to your Stubhub app and tap on the first drop-down menu on the screen. 

3. Then, select the Sales option from the menu.

4. Next, you have to select the “See Actions” option and then click on “Make Changes”.

5. Finally, you can simply follow the steps for canceling the order that you have confirmed for selling and it shall be canceled.  

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How To Cancel StubHub Listing?

To cancel your active listing on StubHub, you have to go to the My Tickets section of your account and then click on “Listings”.
Find the listing you wish to remove and select the “See Actions” option for the same. Click on Delete and then confirm your action. 

Can You Get Replacement Tickets From StubHub?

Yes, if the respective seller of the tickets fails to deliver you the tickets that had been promised, StubHub will offer you replacements for the same and will most probably provide you with a similar ticket price and seat area. 

Can I cancel a purchase on StubHub?

You can not cancel StubHub tickets or orders once purchased. You can resell your ticket and get your money back.

How to avoid StubHub cancellation fees?

There is no way to avoid the cancellation fee for a canceled StubHub order.

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude our article and hope that you will not have any kind of trouble in getting your refund for the ticket that you purchased from StubHub that had been of no use to you.

For any other orders on some other platforms that you wish to cancel, feel free to let us know in the comments. 

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