How To Cancel Straight Talk Service? 2 Simple Modes!

cancel straight talk service

There is no need to continue if Straight Talk Wireless is not providing the prepaid home internet service, you expect to receive from them. If you decide you no longer want to use the service, then we can assist you in terminating your Straight Talk Service.

Thousands of customers in the US receive internet service via Straight Talk. You have a choice between two non-contract plans offered by this service provider, a TracFone Wireless Company division. These plans are only available at Walmart locations nationwide, or you can place your order or service over the phone. But what should you do, when it comes to canceling your service? Let’s find out!

To cancel your Straight Talk Wireless Service, you need to contact their customer support service team over the phone call and ask them to cancel your service or you can make your cancelation online from Straight Talk Website.

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Straight Talk Wireless Plans And Services

Straight Talk Wireless provides you with all types of services each with different plans and benefits. Take a look at this table to get to know about its service plan details.

PlansService Cost
Bronze Unlimited$35 per month with 10 GB Data
2-Lines Unlimited$90 per month Unlimited Data
Home Internet$45 per month Unlimited Data with 5G Network
Silver Unlimited$45 per month Unlimited Data
Gold Unlimited$55 per month Unlimited Data
Platinum Unlimited$65 per month Unlimited Data
Extended Unlimited (3-month plan)$130 per month Unlimited Data
Extended Unlimited (6-month plan)$255 Unlimited Data
Extended Unlimited (1-year plan)$495 Unlimited Data
Unlimited International$60 per month Unlimited Data
Remote Alert Plan$100 per year
Home Phone$30 per month
Home Phone$15 per month
Home Phone & Wifi$30 per month with 1GB Data
Home Phone & Wifi$40 per month with 2GB Data
Home Phone & Wifi$45 per month with 5GB Data
Data Add On$5 with 1GB Data
Data Add On$10 per month with 2GB Data
Data Plan$15 per month with 2GB Data
Remote Alert Plan$10 per month 
Data Plan$25 per month with 4GB Data
Data Plan$40 with 8GB Data
Data Plan$50 with 10GB Data
Data Plan$75 with 20GB Data
Global Calling$10
Basic Phone Plan$30 per month

Can You Cancel Your Straight Talk Service?

Yes, you can cancel your Straight Talk Service at any time. Make sure to cancel your service before your next billing date as Straight Talk automatically renews your plan every month on your Service End Date. 

How To Cancel Straight Talk Service Over The Phone?

One of the simplest ways to cancel your Straight Talk Wireless Service is by contacting their Customer Support Service Team and asking for their help in cancelation. You must consider the following easy steps in order to complete this task. 

  • Contact their customer service team at 1-877-430-2355
  • Provide their team member with your contract number on the phone call
  • Request them to stop your automatic refill program
  • Provide them with a valid reason for your cancelation 
  • Confirm your cancelation

How To Cancel Straight Talk Service Online?

If you don’t want to cancel your service over a phone call or you don’t like talking to someone directly on a call, then you can cancel your Straight Talk Service online from its website on your own just by following some simple steps explained below.

  • Visit the Straight Talk Wireless website
  • Log in to your account
  • Select “My Account”
  • Click on “End Service Date”
  • Choose the line or service you want to cancel
  • Then tap on the “Cancel Service” button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your cancelation

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact Straight Talk Without Calling?

You can text their helpline number 611611 to get in touch with Straight Talk Customer Support Team and share your issue with them over text. 

Does Straight Talk Offer Refunds?

Straight Talk Services works on a non-refundable policy. It doe not matter whether you cancel your service without using it, once you will be charged for your service, then you will not get back your refund in any kind of circumstance, even after its cancelation. 

Does Straight Talk Have 24-Hour Customer Service?

Yes, Straight Talk contact tools or support team is available 24 hours. You can contact them over a call or text at any time. 


Straight Talk Service provides you with fast internet for your homes or phones and you all know very well that in such time how crucial internet services are. So, everybody just wants a good internet service provider.

If you are using Straight Talk Wireless, and do not get the results that you want, then Don’t Worry!! To avoid being wastage of your money on its services, you have the option to cancel Straight Talk Service over a phone call or online. Keep in mind, to cancel it before its auto-renewal plan, otherwise, your charged money will not be refunded. 

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