How To Cancel Stash Account? Cancel Your Stash Subscription!

Cancel Stash Account

You must have heard of Stash from a friend or somewhere else and then definitely would have tried using it. But did it work for you? No? Don’t worry, if the services of the platform didn’t satisfy you then we can help you cancel your Stash account easily. 

Stash is a financial service company in America that is a good platform for beginners in investing platform. You can invest small amounts in Stash and it will help you earn a long time. The investment in Stash is tax-free and you will be connected and provided access to a bank account. 

If you no longer wish to use it, you can easily cancel your Stash account online by visiting their website or from the app itself. You can close your stash account for good and for that you must refer to the detailed steps for canceling or closing your account which are directed below. 

How To Cancel Stash Subscription? Close Your Stash Account

You can cancel your Stash account online or via the app. 

Cancel Stash Online

1. Open your web browser and visit the official website of 

2. Log in to your Stash account. 

3. Click on your name and then go to the Subscription section. 

4. Hit the Close my Stash for Good button you will find at the bottom of the screen page. 

5. Complete the procedure by following the steps as directed to close your account. 

Cancel Stash On App

1. Open the Stash app on your device. 

2. Tap on your initials or the hamburger icon as available on your device. 

3. Tap on Subscription Plan and hit the Manage button next to your plan. 

4. Scroll the page till you reach Close my Stash for Good and tap on it. 

5. Close your account as directed. 

How Do I Stop Automatic Payments On Stash? Cancel Auto-Stash

To cancel your automatic payments on Stash, you will be required to cancel Auto-Stash. 

1. Sign in to your account from the app or visit the website. 

2. Go to the Menu and then select Account.

3. Choose the Auto-Stash option from the list and manage it accordingly. 

4. Turn Off Auto-Stash if you want to stop automatic payments. 

What Happens If I Close My Stash Account?

You can permanently close your Stash account from the website if the services provided by them aren’t beneficial for you. However, you must also be aware of what can happen when you close your Stash Account. Closing your Stash account will sell all the investments you have been holding on the platform since the time you started using it.

Also, Stash will refund all your money to the bank account that you earlier linked to Stash. It might take up to two business days for this amount to be reflected in your linked bank account. You also have the option to transfer your investments to another brokerage if you wish to keep your investments. 

Cancel Stash Account- FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Close Stash Account?

When you cancel your Subscription or your account on Stash then you will be refunded by them and the refund amount will be sent to your linked bank account. You can also transfer your investments to an outer brokerage but Stash does charge a transferring fee for that. You might be required to pay a $75 outgoing transfer fee. 

Why Does Stash Keep Charging Me?

If you find the continuous transfer of money from your Bank account to Stash then you must have turned on recurring transactions on your account. It can be intentional or unintentional. These transactions are made to help you save and invest automatically and on time. 

Why Won’t Stash Let Me Close My Account?

Some of the users might have a problem canceling their Stash account from the app and if so, they can try canceling their account from the website as mentioned earlier. Sometimes there can also be a problem with the website or the platform so you can try the procedure again. Also, contact their Support department if you are still unable to cancel your account. 

How Do I Contact Stash Customer Service Department?

If you are facing any kind of problems while using Stash then you can contact their Customer Service department by dialing 1 (800) 205-5164 and talking to a representative there. You can also send a message to the Stash Support bot from the official website or reach out to them via email at [email protected]. Tell them about your issues and they will help you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Those who are not an expert in the investment field can use Stash for small investments and learn more about it. However, if you don’t want to continue using Stash then you can cancel your account or your subscription easily by following the steps discussed in detail above to terminate your service and close your account. You can also transfer your investments if you want. Contact their Customer Support for your more related queries and doubts. 

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