How To Cancel Subscription?

How To Cancel Subscription?

If you think that your subscription to SmartyPlus is not of any great use to you and is instead charging you monthly, it is better that you opt out of it by canceling the SmartyCashback Subscription.

With a subscription to, the subscribers can save a lot of time as well as money because the subscription doubles the cashback they earn on purchases as compared to the non-subscribers on SmartyCashback.

You can cancel your Subscription by clicking the Delete My Account in the Membership section of your Smarty Account. Customer Service Support is also available.  

If you wish to know the entire cancelation procedure of your SmartyCashback subscription, keep reading this article. 

What Do You Get With A Subscription?

The subscription on is known as the SmartyPlus subscription which provides its subscribers with a number of perks, here is a list of them:

1. The subscribers get free shipping rebates.

2. On their first purchase, the subscribers get a cash bonus rebate.

3. The members get special seasonal promotions.

4. The subscribers get double cashback on purchases through all eligible online retailers. 

How To Cancel Subscription On Call?

You can cancel your or Smarty Plus Subscription by giving a call to their customer service team at (310) 593-4557 or 877.808.0810.

Get connected with their team on a call and ask them to cancel your Smarty Plus Subscription.

How To Cancel Smarty Plus Subscription Via Email?

You can also get Email Support from their team. Submit your Smarty Plus cancelation request as well as other requests by sending an email to [email protected].

Make sure that your Email should include all of your subscription details as well as correct contact information.

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How To Cancel Via Contact Form?

How To Cancel Subscription- How To Cancel Via Contact Form?

The other way to get connected with their team is by filling out their Contact Form. You will be required to provide your name, email address, the type of query, and an additional message that you want to share, fill up the form, and submit it and the team will soon contact you via email. 

How To Cancel Subscription Via Live Chat?

How To Cancel Subscription- How To Cancel Subscription Via Live Chat?

Follow these steps to cancel your SmartyCashback Subscription by Live Chatting feature-

  1. Go to the SmartyCashback Website
  2. Click the “Live Chat” option from the right corner of the screen
  3. Enter Your Name and Email
  4. Choose Cancel/Refund
  5. Type a Message about your cancelation
  6. Tap the Connect button
  7. You will be connected to an agent and they will help you in canceling your subscription.

How To Cancel My SmartyCashback Account?

Well, the above procedure was for the cancelation of your paid subscription to SmartyCashback’s Plus services. Even after you cancel the subscription, your base account on SmartyCashback is still active. 

If you wish to cancel your Smarty account as well, then here are the simple steps that you are needed to follow. 

1. First of all, head to the official website of and log in to the account that you wish to delete.

2. Click on your name at the top right corner of the screen to open your profile page.

3. Now, go to the “Membership” section from there. 

4. Scroll through the menu and you will find the option of “Delete my Account” Here, select that. 

5. Follow up as directed and your account will be deleted. 

Make sure that you have used up all the pending and unclaimed cash-back rewards because once you delete your account, your rewards will be gone and you will never have access to them again. 


Can You Cancel ShipmentsFree Subscription?

If you have enrolled for the Smarty ShipmentsFree Subscription, then you can cancel it by sending your cancelation request to [email protected].

Can You Get A Refund For SmartyCashback Subscription?

You can only get a refund for the charges made by Smarty for up to 6 months from the date you first signed up for its subscription.

You can submit your Refund Request via [email protected], or Live Chat. You can send your request via the Contact Form.

How Much Is A SmartyCashback Subscription?

At the time of writing this, the monthly membership charge for a subscription to SmartyPlus services is $19. The charges may vary as per the offers applicable at the time you subscribe to the services. 

How To Contact SmartyCashback Customer Service?

If you have any query or issue related to your subscription or account on, then you can visit their contact page to connect with their customer service. Make a call at (310) 593-4997 or (877) 808-0810 or via Email at [email protected].

Is There A Free Trial For SmartyCashback Subscription?

Yes, SmartyCashback does offer a free trial to its subscribers of the SmartyPlus service. The free trial period lasts 7 days from the time you sign up for its subscription.

What Happens If I Return A Purchase Made Through SmartyCashback?

If you had made a purchase through SmartyCashback so as to receive your cashback rewards, but later return your order, the cashback balance for that product that was in your pending section will be nullified. 

Wrapping Up

By now, you must be all acknowledged of the right way in which you can easily and quickly cancel your subscription on We hope that you terminated your membership on the site in time and will not be charged any extra amount for it. 

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