How To Cancel Shell Energy With Some Effective Methods?

How To Cancel Shell Energy

Are you fully satisfied with the services of a popular company Shell Energy? Maybe their services seem fine but are not that much affordable, so you must be thinking about canceling your Shell Energy account. If that’s so, then follow this guide up to the end.

As you all know that how valuable electricity and gas resources and Shell Energy is a provider of those renewable resources to homes across their country (UK). Somehow, at starting they promise to provide your renewable energy services at your doorstep at a very affordable price but like as time passes, some people will find its services costly and end up their journey with Shell Energy. 

You can cancel your Shell Energy Contract or Account at any time from Shell Energy Help Page or by making a call to their team’s cancelation phone number and asking for their help to cancel your account or order. 

Can You Cancel Shell Energy?

Yes, you can cancel your Shell Energy Account at any time and even you can also cancel any placed order from Shell Energy. Wanna know how? Let’s find out. 

How To Cancel Shell Energy Account?

If you are thinking to cancel your Shell Energy Account, then before cancelation you have to apply for a new energy supplier in the way you applied for Shell Energy. As soon as your new supplier handles the services for you, and then Shell Energy get to know about their final readings, then after taking that reading, Shell Energy will finally close your account. 

Cancel Shell Energy Account Online

Steps to cancel your Shell Energy online include the following- Go to Shell Energy Help Page> Energy> Leaving Us> Thinking of leaving us> I want to cancel my account. 

Note: You also need to pay some amount of Shell Energy Broadband cancellation fee to exit your Shell Energy contract. 

How To Cancel Shell Energy Order?

You can cancel your Shell Energy order at any time until the mid-day before you are scheduled to switch. 

Steps to cancel Shell Energy Order online- Go to Shell Energy Help Page> Broadband section> Leaving Us> I want to cancel my order. 

You can also make on Shell Energy Broadband Cancellation Number at 0330 094 5801 from Monday to Friday (8 am to 8 pm) and Saturday (9 am to 4 pm). Ask their team representative over a phone call to cancel your Shell energy order by providing them with some information. 

How To Contact Shell Energy Customer Service Team?

You have different ways to get in contact with their customer support service team and ask any of your issues to them and they will surely help you out with this. The ways to contact the Shell energy team include the following-

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (833)-SHELL-HM (743-5546) from Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm

Fax: (832) 510-1128 

Send A Message to their team and Report An Outage in case of any inconvenience

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Request Shell Energy Refund?

Follow these steps to submit your refund request online- Go to Shell Energy Help Page> Energy Sections> Payments & Direct Debit> Refunds> I’d like to request a refund. 


Well!! Finally, if you ever feel like this service is just useless for you and unnecessarily wastes your money, then you are free to cancel your Shell Energy account any time either online on your own or with the help of their team via a calling method. The cancelation method choice is yours, opt for any one of these methods, but just make sure that your cancelation process ended up in a smooth way.  Also Know, how to cancel Georgia Power Service.

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