How To Cancel Seekhd Subscription? 2 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Seekhd Subscription? 2 Effective Methods!!

Are you wondering how can you end your membership at Seekhd? Well, if you are done with the platform and wish to terminate your account then don’t stress much. We will help you cancel Seekhd subscription by providing you with the correct and easy steps. 

Seekhd is a reverse search tool where you can search for phone numbers and email addresses and get all the information and reports on those you are searching for. This quick search feature will help you provide immediate and quality information for those you are looking for. 

You can cancel your Seekhd subscription anytime you want by visiting the website and submitting your cancellation request to Seekhd Customer Support. Sign in to your account and cancel your subscription by providing the required details. 

What Is Seekhd? How Does It Work?

Seekhd claims to provide its users with quick searches using their name, email address, phone number, etc.

They can even recover their lost devices and gather other necessary information they require. Searching gets easy with Seekhd where all you are required to do is choose your preferred search method and then follow the prompts as directed by them.

They also ensure that your searches on Seekhd are all confidential and the individual you are searching for would never be notified of your search. The searches are anonymous and your identity is not disclosed. 

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You can either pay a one-time fee to get a single report on the site and contact the representatives within 30 days to cancel it or other related concerns or purchase monthly or other subscriptions.

If you are not satisfied with the services they provide then you can easily cancel your membership from the website or through the Customer Support page. The detailed methods of cancellation are discussed below. 

How Do I Cancel Seekhd Subscription?

You can easily cancel your Seekhd subscription from the official website or by submitting your request to Customer Support. 

Cancel Seekhd Subscription Online 

How To Cancel Seekhd Subscription? 2 Effective Methods- Cancel Seekhd Subscription Online 

1. Go to the official website of Seekhd and Sign In to your account. 

2. Provide your account’s email address and password to get in. 

3. From the screen page, visit the My Account link there. 

4. Select the membership plan you are using and click on Change Plan

5. Click on Cancel My Membership and follow the steps as directed. 

Cancel Seekhd Subscription Via Customer Support 

How To Cancel Seekhd Subscription? 2 Effective Methods- Cancel Seekhd Subscription Via Customer Support 

1. Visit the Membership cancellation page of Seekhd. 

2. Fill out the cancellation request form by providing your name, email address, and phone number. 

3. In the box at the bottom, write down your request to cancel your membership at Seekhd. 

4. Click on the Send Message button and the Customer Support team will help you accordingly. 

Can I Get Refund From Seek HD?

The terms and conditions of Seek HD inform that they do not provide any kind of refunds on customer purchases so you must understand that they won’t let you have your money back.

So, what can you do if you require a refund from the platform? Well, we can request them for the same. 

1. Go to the official website and visit the Contact page of Seek HD to get in touch with Customer Support. 

2. In the form, write down your name, email address, and contact number

3. In the request box below, write down your name, the date, your subscription details, and other important information that they may require. 

4. Request the representatives that you wish to cancel your membership or just require a refund. Provide your billing details and other transaction details to prove your claim. 

5. Do ask them to get back to you as soon as they can and then click on the Send Message button. 

6. Wait till you get an answer from them and if they do get back to you, follow the steps as they say. 

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Terminate Seek HD Subscription- FAQs

Can I Use Seek HD As Phone Tracker?

Yes, if you have lost your phone then you can also use Seek HD to track your device. Just add the phone number or email address your device works with and start searching. Seek HD with its quick search feature will definitely help you get back your lost device. 

How Do I Contact Seek HD Customer Support?

Visit the official website of Seek HD and on the top bar at the right, click on the Contact Us button. Fill out the form with the required details and choose your query from the options available at How Can We Help? box. Add the detailed query in the box below and then click on Send Message. You can also send an email to [email protected]

Wrap Up

You can use Seek HD to search for particular devices or get other required information with just basic details. However, many have claimed the platform to be fake or are not satisfied with the services they provide. If you too feel the same then immediately cancel your subscription by following the steps we discussed above or contact Customer Support for your queries. 

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