How To Cancel Sears Credit Card?

Cancel Sears Credit Card

Are you in search of a better credit card than Sears? Nowadays, you will find many companies that offer credit cards with countless benefits. Before getting a new one, you must cancel your Sears Credit Card. 

Sears is a departmental store company in the United States. Currently, it is serving in 11 locations. It offers two cards, one is a store card and the other is a master card issued by Citi Bank. 

Choosing the right credit card as per your requirements is quite challenging. But if you have already found it, you can cancel your Sears credit card online or by contacting customer service. 

How To Cancel Sears Credit Card Online?

To cancel your Sears Credit card, please log in to their website with your account information. Go to manage account, and select the card you want to cancel. Then, you must follow the instructions prompted. 

Post successful cancellation, you will receive the confirmation via text or email on your registered contact number and email address. 

How To Cancel Sears Credit Card Via Calling?

You can easily cancel your Sears credit card by calling the customer service of Sears on the following number.


If you are from outside the United States and Canada, you may call on this number


Once your call has connected with their team, you may request them to close your credit card and tell them the reason for the cancellation. You would also need to provide your account information to confirm your identity. You will receive the confirmation once your card has been closed successfully. 

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How To Cancel Sears Credit Card via Live Chat?

If you need immediate help to close your credit card, you can use the Live chat option on the Sears website. However, there will not be a real-time person helping you. But your request will be accepted and confirmed immediately.

Log in to the website, go to the live chat support, and follow the instructions properly. Upon providing the details and reason for cancellation, your card will be canceled.

How To Cancel Sears Credit Card By Writing?

If you are ready to close your Sears Credit Card, You need to clear all your dues and redeem your rewards before proceeding with the request. 

You can also cancel your Sears credit card by writing a letter to the Sears Customer Service Team. Write a letter requesting the cancellation of your credit card, and include the details like your name, account number, address, credit card number, etc.  Then mail it to the given address. You can sit back and relax service team will take care of the rest of the process. 

Sears Private Label General Inquiries

P.O. Box 6286

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6286

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Sears Credit Card Customer Service?

You can contact Sears Credit Card customer service by calling the number 1-800-917-7700. If you are calling from outside the United States or Canada, you can call 1-800-437-3277. 

What Is Sears MasterCard?

Citi Bank issues Sears Mastercard, It offers countless benefits, cashback, rewards, and discounts. It also comes with zero annual charges.


In this article, we have walked you through the easy step-by-step on how to cancel your Sears Credit card. 

We hope that with this easy guide, you will be able to cancel your credit card anytime without any difficulty.

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