How To Cancel Sams Club Credit Card?

Cancel Sams Club Credit Card

It seems like you have changed your online shopping retailer and stopped purchasing products from Sam’s Club. If that’s so, then you need to cancel Sam’s Club Credit Card, as it is of no use to you. 

Sam’s Club offers a Credit Card or Mastercard to their plus members to get amazing and huge benefits while shopping from Sam’s Club Store. But, if you have reached the point of canceling your Credit Card, then here’s what you have to do. 

You can cancel your Sam’s Club Credit Card by simply calling their Credit Card service team on the number written on your credit card. 

What if you are not connected with that number? To get more contact info for Sam’s Club Credit Card, read this entire article. 

Can You Cancel Your Sam’s Club Credit Card?

Yes, you can cancel your Sam’s Club Credit Card at any time. Make sure that your Credit Account has zero balance before you submit its closure request. 

How To Cancel Sam’s Club Credit Card?

The only way from which you can cancel or close your Sam’s Club Credit Card is by contacting the Sam’s Club customer service team by dialing the number written on the back side of your credit card. 

Other Calling Numbers to get in touch with their team- 

  1. Consumer Credit (PLCC)- Accounts Begin with 7714: (800) 964 1917
  2. Business Credit (BRC)- Accounts Begins with 7715: (800) 203 5764
  3. Consumer MasterCard– Accounts Begin with 5213: (866) 220 0254
  4. Business MasterCard– Accounts Begin with 5560: (866) 220 2760 

Choose the category make a call to the specific number and ask their team to cancel your Sam’s Club Credit Card. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Cancelling The Sam’s Club Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Scores?

Yes, your credit scores will lower after canceling your Sam’s Club Credit Card. The only way to preserve your credit score is by leaving your credit account open instead of canceling it. 

How To Contact Sam’s Club Customer Service?

You can directly get in touch with the Sam’s Club Customer Service team by calling (800) 964 1917. Get the Sam’s Club Credit Card Support. You can also go to the above headings for the Sam’s Club Credit Card Contact Numbers. 


With this, we conclude that canceling the Sam’s Club Credit Card is easy and quick. You just need to reach out to their Credit Card service team and the further process will be carried out by them and your Credit Card will be closed permanently.

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