How To Cancel Quinn Subscription?

How To Cancel Quinn?

If you do not want to continue using Quinn for any reason, you have to cancel your subscription to avoid any recurring payments. Don’t know how to cancel Quinn? We are here to help you.

Quinn is an audio app that also has a website, but it is completely different from regular audio apps. It is specially designed for people above the age of 18 years where they can listen to audio erotica from various creators on Quinn by purchasing the monthly subscription plan.

Subscriptions made from Quinn’s website or mobile app can be canceled online from the website. However, if you have purchased the subscription from an App Store like Apple Store or Google Play Store, then Quinn will not handle the cancelation. In this guide, you will learn all the methods to cancel your Quinn Subscription.

How Can I Cancel My Quinn Subscription Online?

If you have purchased the Quinn subscription from their official website then you can cancel it online by following the below steps.

  • Visit the official website of Quinn.
  • Log in to your Quinn account.
  • Go to the Account settings.
  • Click on Manage Account.
  • Click on Manage Subscriptions.
  • Now select Cancel subscription.

You can also contact customer support at Quinn to cancel your subscription. After successful cancelation, you will be able to access the services until the end of your current subscription.

How Can I Cancel My Quinn Subscription On Apple Device?

Quinn does not handle any subscriptions purchased from App stores. So if you have purchased the subscription from the Apple store, you should follow the below instructions to cancel it.

  • Open the settings app on your Apple Device.
  • On the top of the screen, click on your Apple ID.
  • Scroll down to find the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Select Quinn from the list of subscriptions.
  • Click on Cancel Subscription.
  • A pop-up window for confirmation will open.
  • Click on Confirm.

How Can I Cancel My Quinn Subscription on Google Play Store?

To cancel Quinn subscription purchased from the Google Play Store, please follow the below steps:

  • Open your Android device, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Now open the Google Play Store app on your device.
  • Navigate to your Profile.
  • Select Payments and subscriptions.
  • Select the Quinn subscription from the list of subscriptions.
  • Click on Manage Subscription, you can check subscription details here.
  • Select the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom.
  • You will need to select a reason for cancelation and click on Continue.
  • Select Cancel Subscription again.

What Is The Refund Policy Of Quinn?

All the sales at Quinn are final and non-refundable, whether a product or a subscription. Quinn does not give refunds for canceling the subscription. You can not even claim a refund if you do not use your account.

According to the local law in some places such as European countries, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, you are entitled to get a refund during the initial 14 days of subscription. If you cancel your subscription with Quinn within 14 days after your subscription starts, you will get a full refund from Quinn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quinn Free Of Cost?

No, Quinn’s services are not free of cost, but you can download the app for free and get a free 7-day trial before the paid subscription begins.

How To Contact The Customer Support Of Quinn?

If you have any queries or complaints, you can reach out to customer support Quinn via call at this number 888-987-8466 or write an email to [email protected].


Most people find it challenging to cancel any online subscription only because they do not have accurate information. It is also very important to review the Terms of Service while purchasing any subscription. Moreover, we hope this guide will help you to cancel the Quinn subscription without any difficulties.

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