How To Cancel Privacy Account? Privacy Refund Policy!!

How To Cancel Privacy

Nowadays, where digital privacy is a big concern, getting a secure privacy option is nothing less than a blessing. We are talking about Privacy Virtual Cards. At this time, when most people opt for Privacy Virtual Cards, some are ready to take a break from it. If you are also in this category, then here we will discuss canceling Privacy.

Credit and Debit Cards are mostly used by everyone whether for shopping, or other payment transfers. But, have you ever thought of Virtual Credit Cards? Privacy is a company that provides the services of virtual cards to make your payments easy and secure. Also, you have no fear of losing your Credit Cards. But to enhance their security, some people wanna end their Privacy Virtual Cards. 

All you have to do is to contact the customer support service team by sending a well-composed cancelation email to their available email address to cancel your Privacy Account. 

How Do I Cancel Privacy Account?

If you are thinking to close your Privacy Account, then the only way from which you can make your cancelation possible is by getting in contact with their customer service team only via Email. 

For this, you just need to send a well-composed email to their team’s email address which is [email protected] and one of their team member will surely help you in canceling your account. 

Can I Cancel A Transaction Made Using A Privacy Card?

Privacy itself cannot cancel the transaction which is already in progress. You can see that transaction in the “Pending” or “Settling” state. Once your transaction is completed, then the merchant is given the go-ahead to gather the money required to pay for the transaction. The merchant has the option to cancel the transaction and issue the refund. You need to contact the merchant to cancel or refund the purchase. 

How Do Refunds Work?

To get back your refund, you need to contact the merchant. If the merchant issues you a refund, it will straight go back to the funding source which you used for making the purchase. No matter whether your Privacy card is closed or paused, refunds will be initiated and completed on the funding source. 

Refunds usually take 1-3 working days to get back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If The Merchant Cancels The Transaction?

If your transaction is in progress and the merchant cancels the transaction, then your funding source won’t be deducted. 

What Happens If The Merchant Cannot Cancel Or Refund The Transaction?

If you have made a transaction by mistake and the merchant won’t be able to cancel or refund the transaction, then you can open a dispute by going to the Privacy homepage, and from the transaction section you have to select “Dispute this transaction” under transaction options. 

Can You Pause Your Privacy Account?

Yes, you are allowed to pause your Privacy Account by contacting their customer service team. 

How To Contact Privacy Customer Service?

If for any reason, you need to contact their customer service team, then you can reach out to them via email at [email protected] or you can send them a direct message on their Twitter Account. You can also get answers to your questions on the support page. 


Make secure online payments with Privacy Virtual Cards. But, if found another more secure payment method other than Privacy, then you will surely go for that one, Privacy has no objection to this. But, you just need to close your Privacy Account to let them know that you no longer want to use their Virtual Cards by sending a simple Email.

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