How To Cancel Pending Cash App Payment?

How To Cancel Pending Cash App Payment?

You are using the Cash App for your regular payments or transactions. Have you ever been stuck in that situation, where you need to cancel Pending Cash App Payment? 

If Yes, then hope that you have managed to cancel it, but if you need help in canceling the pending payment on Cash App, then here you will be guided on this topic. 

Cash App is an online payment platform used by many people for their work or personal purposes to make a cash transaction quickly and easily. 

You can cancel your Pending Cash App Payment from your Cash App by tapping the Cancel Payment button. Detailed steps are mentioned later in this article. 

Can You Cancel A Pending Payment On Cash App?

Sometimes it must have happened to you that your payment would have been pending on Cash App and you want to cancel it. 

Then, Yes, you are allowed to cancel your pending Payment on Cash App with some of the simple steps we mentioned in the below headings. 

Pending Payments occur due to incorrect payment information, lack of funds, or due to bank server issues. 

How To Cancel Pending Cash App Payment?

Cash App transfers your money quickly, but sometimes due to any problem, your payment gets stuck and it shows pending payment. 

Then, you really need to follow some steps to cancel your pending transaction on the Cash App. Follow these steps for that- 

How To Cancel Pending Transaction?

  1. Open the Cash App on your device
  2. Click on the Activity button from the bottom 
  3. It will show you the list of your payments
  4. Tap on the Pending Payment you want to cancel 
  5. Then, select the three horizontal dots menu button from the top right corner
  6. Select “Cancel Payment” from the pop-up menu 

Note: If a Refund is possible for canceling that Pending payment, then you will see a “Cancel Payment” option otherwise you have to send a Refund request to the user you send money to. 

How To Send A Refund Request On Cash App?

  1. Click on the User’s Profile Icon from the Cash App
  2. Generate a transaction request, by tapping on the “Request” button
  3. Make sure to add an explanation and the amount you sent to them

For detailed information on Cash App Refund, check out our full article on That’s How Easily You Can Get A Refund From Cash App. 

How To Contact The Cash App Support Team?

If you are facing any issues while canceling your Pending Cash App Payment, then you can contact the Cash App Support team and get their help. 

We have certain ways to get in touch with the Cash App Service team. These are some of the ways to contact the Cash App Team. 

Contact Cash App Support On Chat

  1. Open the Cash App
  2. Select your Profile Icon
  3. Tap on the Support button
  4. Tap on Start a Chat option
  5. Send a message and continue chatting 

Contact Cash App Support On-Call

You can simply make a call at 1800-969-1940 and get connected with their team directly on a phone call. 

Contact Cash App Support On Social Media 

Here are some of the social media handles of Cash App. You can connect with their team by clicking on these links. 

  1. Instagram: @CashApp
  1. Facebook: SquareCash
  1. Twitter: @CashSupport @CashApp
  1. Twitch:

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Stop Cash App From Cancelling Payments?

To stop canceling the Pending Cash App Payments, make sure that your Cash App Account is verified properly and that you have enough money in your account. 

Why Can’t I Cancel A Pending Payment On Cash App?

If you are unable to cancel your Pending Payment on Cash App, that might be due to the reason that your Cash App Account is not verified yet. For that, you need to support the Cash App Team and explain your issue to them. 

How Long Does It Take To Cancel A Payment On Cash App?

It’s an immediate process, when you cancel a payment, the refund will quickly be returned to your account, or in some cases, it will take 1-2 working days. 

If I Disable My Cash App Card Will It Stop A Pending Payment?

No, if you disable your Cash App Card, it will not cancel or stop your pending payments. You have to follow the above-mentioned steps to cancel the pending payment. 

How To Cancel A Cash App Card?

Follow these steps to cancel your Cash App Card. Select Cash Card tab> Cash Card Support> Report Your Cash Card> Tap on Card Stolen/Missing option> Confirm. 


Don’t take pending payments on Cash App lightly. If you are ever stuck in that phase, quickly follow the above-mentioned steps to cancel your Pending Transaction on Cash App. 

In case of any issue, contact the Cash App Support Team and get instant help.

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