How To Cancel Orkin Service? 2 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Orkin Service? 2 Effective Methods!!

Orkin provides better safety against pests and you have been using its services for a long time. But, now there comes a time when you want to cancel Orkin service. No worries!! Follow this guide and cancel your service. 

Orkin is an American company that provides pest control services to American residents. They target pests and prevent them from coming into your home or office. You can access its services by picking a personalized plan. 

To cancel the Orkin service or plan, you need to reach out to their customer care team by calling their phone number. 

What Is Orkin’s Cancellation Policy?

Orkin’s services or plan comes under a contract system that is approximately one, two, or three years long. Every plan renews automatically on a month-to-month basis. 

So, you can cancel your service within 60 days written notice after every effective term. 

How To Cancel Orkin Service By Calling?

The best way to cancel your Orkin service is by making a call to their customer service team at 877.676.7537 and asking them to cancel the service. 

Provide them with your service information and your plan will be canceled.

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How To Cancel Orkin Service In-Person?

If there is any Orkin local branch center near your location, you can also visit their center and submit your request to cancel your Orkin service. 

You need to tell the branch manager about it and they will guide you further in your cancelation process. Follow their instructions and your service will be canceled. 

Orkin Pest Control Customer Reviews- Is It Reliable?

Yes, it’s a completely reliable and legitimate service. This company is one of the excellent choices of customers for pest control. The recent customers’ reviews of Orkin’s service are positive and genuine. 

How To Cancel Orkin Service? 2 Effective Methods- Orkin Pest Control Customer Reviews- Is It Reliable?

You can check out Orkin’s customer reviews here. According to people, Orkin’s provides the best services and their customer service team is always ready to help you. People would always get polite and professional experience from the Orkin team. 

In short, the company is reliable and people are impressed with Orkin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Prices For The Orkin Service?

There is no particular price for the Orkin service. They prepare and provide customized plans to their customers according to their homes, insect problems, and surroundings. 

How To Contact Orkin Customer Service?

You can contact Orkin’s customer care team by calling them at 877-238-8144 or by submitting the Orkin Contact Form to their team. 


You must be confused about canceling the Orkin service. But, now you have effective methods to end your service. Follow any of the methods (from those mentioned above) and your service will be stopped. 

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