How To Cancel Optus Subscription? I Canceled This Way!!

How To Cancel Optus Subscription?

Nowadays, it has become difficult to afford SIM & home internet plans, due to their expensive subscription plans. If the Optus subscription internet plan also doesn’t suit you, then it’s time to cancel Optus Subscription. 

Optus is an Australian Wireless Company that deals in providing home internet and mobile SIM plans. You can also shop for electrical gadgets like Phones, Tablets, Smart Watches, and chargers.  

If you found Optus Plan quite expensive, then you can cancel its subscription online from your account or by reaching out to their service team. 

Can I Cancel My Optus Plan At Any Time?

Yes, you are free to cancel your Optus Plan at any time without paying any cancelation fee. 

How Can You Cancel Optus Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your Optus Subscription. 

  1. For this, go to the Optus Contact Page
  1. Select the Moving & Disconnecting option
  1. Choose the method to contact their service team and cancel the subscription
  1. You can get personal support from their team if you Message them on My Account
  1. You can contact them on their telephone number at 133 937 from Monday-Friday 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday 9 am to 6 pm. 
  1. If you are in another foreign country, then you can call +61280825678
  1. Contact their team and ask them to cancel the subscription
  1. Finally, your subscription will be canceled from their team’s side. 

How Can You Cancel Your Subscription From Optus SubHub?

Optus Subhub is an Optus free-to-use platform that can only be accessed by Optus Subscribers for free. You can access various services on SubHub. Optus SubHub is not available outside Australia. 

Follow these steps to remove your subscription from Optus SubHub.

  1. Open your SubHub Website and log in to your Account
  1. Choose the Subscription to cancel
  1. Tap the Manage button
  1. Select Cancel Subscription (Name of the subscription you selected to cancel)
  1. Now your subscription status will be shown as Cancelled
  1. You will get a confirmation cancelation message too on your email

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Cancel Your Optus Order? Optus Cancellation Policy

Well!! If you are struggling to cancel any of your orders purchased from Optus, then the struggle is real. Yes, as soon as you place your order on Optus, they will start to process it quickly and you are not allowed to cancel it. 
Inshort, Order cancelations are not allowed in Optus. 

How To Return Optus Order? Optus Return Policy

Yes, if you want to return any of your products from Optus, you can do so within Optus cooling-off period (within 14 days of receiving the order). 
You can Contact Optus Team to return your order. 

How Can You Contact Optus Service Team?

You can call Optus at 133 937 or +61280825678 (overseas) and ask your queries. You can Message their team on their Live Chat service. 
Get answers to almost all of your questions on their Contact Page. 


If you want to explore other service plans for your mobile phones and home internet, then cancel the Optus Subscription first and start selecting the other mobile service provider companies, whose service plans suit your budget. 

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