How To Cancel Omaze Subscription? End Omaze In 4 Steps!

cancel omaze subscription

Did you get the Omaze subscription to help people in need and win prizes for yourself for fundraising? But it seems that either you have helped enough or the subscription service is not that great for you. No worries, we can help you cancel it in easy ways. 

Omaze is a for-profit fundraising company that organizes charities and various fundraising events to help the needy. And during these events, one can win prizes for fundraising that may include material goods, a meeting with a celebrity, a property, and more. 

It is easy to cancel an Omaze subscription as all you need to do is sign in to your Omaze account and then terminate the subscription service. You may even pause your subscription or delete your account for good. 

How To Cancel Omaze Subscription?

You will be able to cancel your Omaze subscription easily from the official website.

1. Visit the official web page of Omaze to initiate the subscription cancellation procedure. 

2. Sign in to your Omaze account using your credentials. 

3. Now visit your Account section and then select Manage Subscriptions.

4. Hit the Cancel option and you will be able to terminate your subscription. 

If you are subscribed to Omaze UK then you can fill out the Model Cancellation Form on this page and when you are done, send it to [email protected]

Make sure you cancel your subscription before the 1st of the next month, failing it would renew your subscription and will charge you accordingly. 

How Do I Delete My Omaze Account?

Members can easily delete their Omaze account and it depends on your residence. You have been given the right to request the complete and permanent deletion of your information on Omaze. 

1. California, Virginia, and other State residents can request account deletion by filling out and submitting The Request Form. Submit it by providing the required information. 

2. European or UK residents can submit their account deletion request by filling out This Request Form and Submitting it accordingly. 

3. With this, you can request Omaze to remove your personal data or information if you are determined to leave the platform permanently. 

Cancel Omaze Subscription- FAQs

Can I Pause My Omaze Subscription?

Yes, members are allowed to take a break from Omaze and pause their subscriptions to the platform. For that, you can sign in to Omaze and visit your Account section and when you do, click on the  Skip a Month option. This will pause your subscription for a specific time. 

Will You Lose All Your Entries If You Cancel Your Subscription?

No, you will not lose all your entries if you cancel your Omaze subscription. Your entries will be kept as it is up to the date of your subscription cancellation. The entries will be treated the same as other entries there.

What Is Omaze Dream House Cancelled?

Omaze Dream House Cancelled was one of the top searches of 2021 and it has again come out of the blue this year. This was due to the cancellation of a draw that made people suspect the platform and debate about its credibility. A similar situation persists even now. 

How Can I Contact Omaze Customer Service?

The phone number that you can dial to contact Omaze Customer Support representatives is 800-435-1976. You can also visit this Contact Us page for Omaze UK. You may also visit the Omaze Support Page for help. 

Wrap Up

The fundraising chance with Omaze can make you win a great number of prizes. But if you have been using the subscription already and are not a huge fan of the platform or need to cancel for some other reason then go through the above-mentioned steps and terminate the service.

You can even delete your account by following the steps mentioned above or pause the subscription for a break. Contact Omaze Customer Support for more help.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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