How To Cancel NYSC Membership? A Way Out From NYSC!

Cancel nysc membership

Many people are happy with NYSC membership because, compared to other fitness services, NYSC provides almost every type of best fitness training to their customers, this is the reason that the number of their subscribers is increasing everyday. But still, due to some personal or financial issue, there are some people who want to cancel their membership. 

New York Sports Club (NYSC) is a fitness center that has locations in Brooklyn, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Queens, and Long Island. Apart from regular training, they offer plenty of services like small-group training, child care, boutique fitness, and group services. You can take its subscription easily from its website and canceling its membership is also very easy. Do you wanna know how? Let’s see..

The two effective ways to cancel an NYSC membership are in-person, or via certified mail or letter. 

NYSC Prices And Membership Cost

Prices at NYSC club vary depending on the plan you select. These plans are classified not by the facilities you can use, but by the number of clubs you can visit. Here, to understand you easily, we provide you with this quick table. 

NYSC Neighborhood Membership (single club access)

Joining Fee$3.00
Monthly Fee$34.99
Annual Fee$69.99
CommitmentMonth to Month

NYSC Regional Passport Membership (access all regional clubs)

Joining Fee$3.00
Monthly Fee$69.99
Annual Fee$69.99
CommitmentMonth to Month

NYSC Passport Membership (access any club)

Joining Fee$3.00
Monthly Fee$99.99
Annual Fee$69.99
CommitmentMonth to Month

NYSC Elite Membership (in some clubs)

Joining Fee$3.00
Monthly Fee$119.99
Annual Fee$69.99
CommitmentMonth to Month

NYSC Cancelation Policy

NYSC cancelation can take place in accordance with the agreement, which is explained in the Membership Agreement. It should be noted that certain cancelation rights may differ depending on the club due to state regulations. 

You are allowed to cancel your NYSC membership under the following circumstances:

  • Those members who have not given any commitment to use its membership can cancel it at any time by giving notice to the sports club.  But, they need to pay some kind of cancelation fee.
  • Members who are still under contract must cancel their membership using one of the methods listed below:

> Early Termination: The required notice must be provided with an Early Termination fee.

> Medical Cancelation: You can cancel your membership due to your medical conditions, only if you provided your original documents along with the cancelation fee to the sports club. 

> Moving Cancelations: You will need to provide a receipt of the original relocation documents, the state regulation for minimum distance, the cancelation fee, and the notice period that will change.  

  • You can submit your cancelation request by visiting any club location near you or by sending a proper mail to the sports club. 

How To Cancel NYSC Membership Via In-Person?

Follow these steps to cancel your NYSC membership in person:

  • Go to any of your local NYSC gym clubs and ask them to cancel your membership. 
  • You can talk to the in charge of the gym regarding your membership cancelation. 
  • Bring your necessary documents with them like your ID, Membership card to the gym. 

Note: It is not compulsory that in order to cancel your NYSC membership, you have to go to the same gym from where you took its membership. You can visit any of the NYSC gyms. 

How To Cancel NYSC Membership By Using Certified Mail?

You can also send a certified mail or letter to the NYSC members service department in order to cancel your Membership. You have to follow certain things which are explained below:

  • Write a letter of cancelation: Compose a mail or letter to the NYSC gym that clearly defines your desires regarding your membership cancelation. Your full name, address, and date of birth must be included in the mail. 
  • Include Necessary Information: Along with basic details, provides some necessary details like contact number, account information, membership number, and so on in your composed mail.
  • Ask about the confirmation email or number: At the time of cancelation, ask the representative about the confirmation number or email. 
  • Look for the address of your club: Use the “Find a Gym” page to locate the address of the club you intend to visit. 
  • Send a written letter through certified mail: Finally, send the composed letter to the given gym via certified mail. 

Can You Freeze/Pause Your NYSC Membership?

Yes, you can freeze your NYSC Membership for at least 1 month or for 12 months only after 90 days of taking the membership. You can submit the freeze request for your membership by visiting any of their local gym club. 

Can You Get A Refund From NYSC?

If you cancel your membership before it gets expired, then you will not receive any kind of refund. But, if you cancel it within 10 days of taking its membership, then you will be refunded your money as NYSC only offers a 10-day money-back guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is NYSC Cancelation Fee?

To cover their losses and expenses on membership cancelation by various members, NYSC charges you a cancelation fee of $50. 

Does NYSC Offers A Free Trial?

Yes, NYSC offers a free trial before taking its subscription from its website and tapping on “Try Us” from the top of the screen. 

What Are Some Alternatives To NYSC?

Apart from NYSC, there are also some most popular gyms. Take a look at them:

  • Planet Fitness
  • Equinox
  • 24 Hour Fitness


Well!! There could be any reason for canceling an NYSC membership and like other fitness services, you can’t cancel your NYSC membership online, over the phone, or by email. You are only allowed to cancel your membership by visiting any of its gym clubs, or via certified mail.

If any NYSC gym is near you, then visit the gym and cancel your membership otherwise compose a proper letter of your cancelation and submit it. You can also contact NYSC Support Team to get help in canceling your membership. 

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