How To Cancel Nurx Subscription?

Cancel Nurx Subscription

Are you satisfied with the Medical services provided by Nurx? If not, then it’s time for you to cancel the Nurx Subscription before it renews automatically for the new billing cycle. 

Nurx is a medical company that provides medicines or prescriptions for different types of medical conditions. It provides the following services- Birth Control, Acne Treatment, anti-aging treatment, Mental Health, Hair Loss and scalp Treatment, and more. 

You can cancel your Nurx Subscription by sending a private message to their support team from your Nurx Messenger. The calling and email method is also functional. 

How To Cancel Nurx Subscription From The App?

You can cancel your Nurx Subscription from your Nurx App. Follow these steps to cancel the subscription- 

  1. Open the Nurx App and Log in to your Nurx Account
  2. Click Nurx Messenger from the app
  3. Enter “I want to cancel my Nurx Subscription” or anything related to canceling the subscription in the Messenger
  4. Follow the instructions as guided by their team on Messenger. 

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How To Cancel Nurx Subscription By Calling?

Canceling your Nurx Subscription by making a simple call to the Nurx Service team at 800-321-NURX. You can contact them from Monday to Friday (9 am to 9 pm). 

Once you get connected with the Nurx support team on the call, request them to cancel your subscription and they will accept your request and start your cancelation process soon. 

Once your subscription is canceled, you will be notified about it via Email. 

How To Cancel Nurx Subscription Via Email?

Apart from calling, the Email option is also available to get connected with the Nurx Support team. For this, compose a cancelation Email and send it to [email protected] 

Make sure that your intention to cancel the subscription is properly included in the Email along with your subscription information and contact details. 

Can I Delete My Nurx Account?

Yes, you can delete or deactivate your account by sending a Deletion message to their team from your Nurx Messenger App. 

You can also contact their team via Email at [email protected] or make a call at 800-321-NURX and ask their team member to delete your account by providing them with your account details. 

Make sure you also provide a valid deletion reason for deleting your account. Your medical history is still preserved by the Nurx, after the deactivation of your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My Nurx Order?

The first shipment Nurx order can not be canceled once it is completely placed. But, you can cancel your Refill orders. Follow the steps to cancel the Refill. 

How To Postpone Subscription On Nurx?

You can change your refill date with the following steps- Login to your Nurx Account> Tap the Account icon> Go to Subscriptions> Scroll to the Next Refill> Save the Changes. 

How To Delete My Card From Nurx?

Follow these steps to delete your card from the Nurx Account- Go to the Account icon> Click on Payment Methods from the next screen> Update or Delete your Credit Card. 

How To Contact The Nurx Customer Service?

You can contact the Nurx Customer Service team by calling 800-321-NURX or via Email at [email protected]. You can also go to the Nurx Messenger App to get connected with their service team. 


All the prescriptions delivered by Nurx are safe. You can even get a one-on-one session from the Nurx medical team and they will prescribe for you after the session. 

But, if you have completed your medicine course prescribed by the doctor, then you can discontinue the subscription to Nurx by following the above-mentioned methods.

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