How To Cancel Northwestern Mutual Insurance Policy In 2 Ways

How To Cancel Northwestern Mutual?

You might have taken the Northwestern Mutual Policy just to take care of your financial needs but now as time passes you must realize that you do not need this policy that much and now you just want some ways to cancel Northwestern Mutual. 

Many people opt for Northwestern Mutual Policy because it differs from other policies. How? Other policies just focus on growing your money while Northwestern Mutual is the only policy that focuses on both cash and protection and gives you personal attention. This company provides financial security to its customers and its main objective is to help individuals in maintaining their financial growth. 

To cancel your Northwestern Mutual Policy, you can call their customer service team on their available phone numbers or you can send your cancelation letter to their mailing address. 

How To Cancel Northwestern Mutual?

If you are thinking to cancel your Northwestern Mutual policy, then you can do so by getting in touch with their customer service team. We have 2 most possible ways to contact their team and tell them to cancel your policy. 

Cancel Northwestern Mutual Over The Phone

  1. The first way is to call the Northwestern Mutual customer service team over the phone call and have a direct and clear conversation with them.
  1. You just have to make a call on their number 1-800-388-8123 or you can also call them at (866) 950-4644. See what number works for you. 
  1. After connecting with their team member on a phone call, make sure to tell them about your policy cancelation.
  1. Give them all the necessary and required information about your policy
  1. When you are done with all the formalities, they will cancel the policy for you. 

Cancel Northwestern Mutual Via Mail?

  1. Another method is to submit your cancelation letter to their team at their mailing address. Well!! That method is not the first choice of everyone, but still, the method is surely working. You can make your policy cancelation just by sending their team a letter.
  1. First, you need to compose a cancelation letter. Make sure you include your policy number in the letter and clearly mentioned the intention of cancelation. 
  1. After that, send that composed letter to Northwestern Mutual Team Mailing Address- Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, WI 53288-0245, PO Box 88245

How To Close Northwestern Mutual Account?

Before canceling your Northwestern Mutual Account, if you have any money in your account, then you need to transfer the cash to your bank account. If you have any investments in your policy account, you also need to transfer them to your bank account too. After that, you can call the Northwestern Mutual Customer Service team and ask them to close your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Withdraw Money From Northwestern Mutual?

You are never charged to make withdrawals or transfers to another income plan. The current interest rate is valid for the current calendar year and is subject to annual adjustment by Northwestern Mutual. The guaranteed rate stated in your contract will never be less than the interest rate.

How Do I Contact Northwestern Mutual Customer Service?

For general queries, you can contact their team at any time during their working hours. You can make a call to them at (866) 950-4644 from Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Make sure you have your policy number ready in your hands before giving them a call. 


Northwestern Mutual is the best policy to help you to meet your financial needs. But, if you already used it and don’t want to continue with its services anymore, then reach out to their customer service team today and end your Northwestern Mutual Policy now. 

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