How To Cancel Noom Subscription? Quick Way!

Cancel Noom Subscription

Did you try using the Noom subscription? How did it work for you? May be not that great and probably that’s why you are looking for the methods to end your plan. No worries, we are here to help you provide the best and easy ways to cancel your Noom Subscription plans. 

Noom is a health tracking platform that keeps a record of a person’s food intake and exercise and workout activities. They have a psychological approach toward people’s health management and weight loss activities that will provide them with lifelong results and a happy, healthy life. 

If it didn’t work for you, you can easily cancel your membership plan on your iOS and Android devices and also via the app. You can also cancel your free trial anytime you want if you don’t want to continue with them. 

Noom Subscription Plans And Price 

The platform is popular for providing special ways to manage your health. The management gets easy with its Calorie tracking features and other forms of weight management. It is easy to plan and track your meals with the app. To get your health back on track, Noom provides several subscription plans to the customers where they select the best plan for them that would do wonders. 

Subscription PlanPlan Charges 
Monthly Plan$60/ month
2 Month Plan$119 $59.50 per month
3 Month Plan$149$49.66 per month
4 Month Plan$159$39.75 per month
5 Month Plan$164$32.80 per month
6 Month Plan$169$28.16 per month
7 Month Plan$174$24.85 per month
8 Month Plan$179$22.38 per month
9 Month Plan$185$20.55 per month
10 Month Plan$189$18.90 per month
11 Month Plan$195$17.72 per month
Annual Plan $199$16.58 per month

Does Noom Provide A Free Trial? How To Cancel Noom Free Trial?

Yes, Noom does offer a free trial to all users soon as they sign up for the platform. You can get free usage of the application for about 2 weeks and during this time, you can understand the perks and benefits of purchasing a membership plan. After you explore the features provided by Noom, you can make a decision if you wish to continue with your subscription plan or not. 

If you are not satisfied with their services and don’t want to continue then you can cancel your membership during the Free Trial period to avoid being charged for the same. Follow the different subscription cancellation steps we discussed below and cancel your free trial asap. 

How Do I Cancel My Noom Subscription?

You can easily cancel Noom online, via the app, or through the platforms where you bought the subscription from. 

Cancel Noom Subscription On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings app on your device and then tap on your name

2. Sign in to your Apple ID to go further. 

3. Go to the Subscriptions tab and select Noom subscription from the options. 

4. Now tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm the procedure. 

5. After your cancellation procedure is completed, you will get a confirmation message from them. 

Cancel Noom Subscription On Android Device

1. Open the Google Play Store on your device and tap on your Profile icon

2. Select Payments and Subscriptions and then choose Subscriptions

3. Choose your Noom subscription from the options.

4. Tap on Cancel Subscription and then confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Noom Subscription Via App

1. Open the Noom app on your device. 

2. Navigate to the Settings section and select Manage Subscription

3. Select your Noom subscription and then tap on Cancel Subscription

4. Follow the steps as directed by them and you are done. 

Terminate Noom Subscription- FAQs

Does Noom Provide Refund?

If you desire a refund from the platform then you will be required to reach out Noom Support team within 14 days of the charge date. You can contact Customer Service for the same and they will review your refund procedure and their similar policies. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Noom Subscription? Noom Won’t Let Me Cancel

Noom won’t let you cancel subscription if you are using the desktop version to cancel your membership. You must install the application and then cancel it from there. Go through the cancellation steps mentioned above to terminate the services.

What Happens When You Cancel Noom?

When you cancel your Noom subscription, you will no longer have access to the services provided by them. Also, your subscription auto-renewal will cancel and you won’t be charged anymore for the membership plan.

How Do I Contact Noom Customer Support?

If you have more queries and doubts related to your subscription plans then you can contact Customer Support by dialing (888) 266-5071. You can talk to an agent here and tell them about your problem. They will surely help you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Noom can be a great help if your new year resolution is to get back on track and maintain your health to stay fit. However, if you feel that the platform isn’t helping you at all then you can easily cancel your membership by following the membership cancellation steps that we already discussed above. You can inquire about your refund and contact the Customer Support department for more related queries. You can also cancel your BetterMe app.  

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