How To Cancel Next Insurance? Try The 2 Modes That Work!

cancel next insurance

Did you get the Next Insurance for your small business? Are you getting any benefits from the services or are not very happy with them? Well, if you don’t require the services anymore then you can put an end to the Insurance and we will tell you how. 

Next Insurance is an Insurance company that provides online insurance for small businesses. There is a range of policies available from Next Insurance and those are provided as per the requirements for personal trainers and also to general contractors. 

You can cancel Next Insurance online by signing in to your account and canceling coverage or by sending an email to the company. They will process your request and cancel your coverage accordingly. 

How Can I Cancel Next Insurance?

There are two ways to cancel your Next Insurance and you can try anyone you want.

Cancel Next Insurance Online

1. Visit the official web page of Next Insurance and then use your credentials to Sign In to your account. 

2. This will now open the Homepage of your Customer Account and you will be able to see the policies you have purchased. 

3. Choose the policy that you want to cancel and then hit the blue arrow that is present to the right of the policy that you are planning to cancel. 

4. Click on the Cancel Coverage option and confirm the cancellation process. Just follow the prompts as mentioned on the page and as you Submit your request, they will immediately process it. 

They will provide you with a cancellation confirmation email and also a refund if you are eligible in the next few business days. 

Cancel Next Insurance Via Email

1. Members can also cancel their Next Insurance by sending an email to the company.

2. Open the email app that you use on your device to compose an email.

3. In the Title box of the email, you can write Request To Cancel Next Insurance.

4. Now give details of your Insurance policy, number, personal information, and all other information they will require for cancellation. 

5. After you are done composing the email, you can send it to [email protected]. They will get back to you as soon as they get your request. 

How Do I Change The Business Name On My Policy?

You will be able to change the business name on your policy online by logging in to your Customer Account. 

1. Go to the Next Insurance website and log in to your Customer Account. 

2. On top of your account, you will see the Business option, click it. 

3. Now hit the pencil icon that you may see next to the Business Details option and follow the steps as they show. 

4. You will be able to change your Business name and when it is done, they will send you an updation proof via email. 

Cancel Next Insurance- FAQs

Does Next Insurance Automatically Renew?

Yes, Next Insurance automatically renews. Next will automatically renew your policy in most cases to ensure that you are always covered. 

If you don’t want Next to renew your policy or need to make changes to it or cancel it then you will have to contact Customer Support for help.

How Can I Contact Next Insurance Customer Service?

If you have some issues with your insurance policy or need help with the services then you can connect with the Next Insurance Customer Support team. You can either call the representatives by dialing their help number at 1 (855) 222-5919 or send them an email at [email protected]

You can also mail your request to their official address PO Box 60787, Palo Alto, CA 94306. They will go through their request soon as they receive it and then help you with it. 

Wrap Up

Next Insurance can provide you with several coverage policies and plans and you can get the one as per your requirement. However, if you don’t require the coverage anymore then you can cancel your Next Insurance through the above-mentioned steps. 

For your persisting queries, you can easily get in touch with the Next Insurance Customer Support team and they will help you with all your requirements and needs. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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