How Do I Cancel My Athena Club Membership? 2 Ways!!

How Do I Cancel My Athena Club Membership?

Are you getting frustrated with the unwanted charges from Athena Club? If Yes, then canceling its membership will be a better option for you, and don’t worry if you are not aware of its cancelation procedure, this article will explain to you properly how to cancel my Athena Club Membership. 

Athena Club is a well-known membership-based service that sends high-quality women’s personal care products directly to your home. They offer a high range of products made of natural ingredients and at affordable prices including- Body Razors, Tampons, Pads, skincare, and body care products. The club’s goal is to make self-care possible for all women. 

You can cancel your Athena Club Membership at any time before your order’s shipment either online just by logging in to your account or by getting in contact with their customer support service team by sending them an email to their preferred email address. 

Can I Cancel My Athena Club Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Athena Club Membership at any time. Make sure you can cancel your membership before your next delivery scheduled renewal date, as your order cannot be canceled at that time, once they are ready to ship. 

How To Cancel Athena Club Membership?

The first and possible way to cancel your Athena Club Membership is from your Athena Account. Follow these simple steps to do so. 

  • Go to Athena Club Website and log in to your account from the top right corner of the screen
  • Navigate to the Subscriptions tab and click on the view/edit button
  • Then, click on Cancel Subscription
  • Confirm your cancelation by following the instructions

How To Cancel Athena Club Membership Via Email?

If you are facing a problem while canceling your membership online, then you also have another option to send a cancelation email to their customer service team and they will get in touch with you and help you with your cancelation procedure. 

Here are the steps which you need to perform to cancel Athena Club Membership. 

  • Open your Email App and compose a cancelation email to cancel Athena Club Membership
  • Include “Membership Cancelation Request” in the subject field
  • Add all the necessary details and your personal details in the body of the email
  • State the reason for canceling the membership
  • Send the composed email to [email protected] 

How To Delete Athena Club Account?

After canceling your membership, you need to contact their customer support service team via email at [email protected] and submit your request to delete your Athena Club Account. Once your account is deleted, all the information stored on your account database will also be removed permanently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return Athena Club Products?

According to their policy, Athena Club does not accept returns. But, still, if you are facing any kind of inconvenience regarding your delivered products, you can send an email to their team at [email protected] 

Does Athena Club Provide Free Shipping?

Athena Club provides free shipping on orders above $12 and for orders under $12, they cost $2.95 as shipping charges. 

How Can I Manage My Subscription?

You can manage your subscription plan. You can pause, skip, change delivery frequency, cancel, or add/remove products directly from your Athena Club Account. 

How To Contact Athena Club Customer Service?

You can contact Athena Club Customer Service Team at [email protected] 


We hope that now you got a clear procedure for canceling your Athena Club Membership. You will continue to enjoy your membership benefits at the end of your current membership term even after cancelation but a refund is not given to you. For any kind of assistance, you can reach out to their team at any time. Also Know, how to cancel Billie Subscription.

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