How To Cancel Membership At 2 Simple Ways!

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Everyone deserves to have their own home and this is probably the motto of HousingList. This platform can help people find a sweet abode for themselves but if you already have found your dream home or if there is any other reason, you can easily cancel your membership. 

HousingList wants to make purchasing housing properties accessible to everyone and has been helping people for a long to achieve this dream. And if you wish to get more details on the homes then you can get a membership at HousingList that provides additional perks and helps in your search. 

You can easily cancel your HousingList membership anytime you want if you are not satisfied with their service by sending them an email or calling them on the provided Customer Support number. You will request the representatives that you wish to cancel your membership and you are done. 

HousingList Membership Plan

If you are looking for the perfect residence for you in the States then HousingList can be an effective option for you. With HousingList, you can provide your location and then search for the available properties that are according to your choice and needs. You will be provided with the property details and if you wish to get more detailed information on those properties then you will be required to subscribe to the HousingList membership plan.

You can opt for the trial membership at just $1 and with this trial, you can go through the benefits the HousingList has to offer and continue if you are satisfied with their services. You will be automatically billed every month for your HousingList membership if the services are working well for you. 

HousingList provides you with a 7 days trial membership for $1. You can cancel your membership service during this time period and if you don’t, you will be billed $49.60 after the 7 days trial is over so if you don’t want to pay for it, you better cancel your membership during that time. They also provide you with a 3 months membership where you will have to pay $99.00 the moment you register for it.

With this 3-month membership, you will not be provided with any trial and will not be billed monthly so there won’t be any need to cancel your membership. This is just a one-time registration and you will be required to register with a new account again.

How Can You Cancel Your HousingList Membership?

If you have finally selected your beautiful home or if the services provided by HousingList do not satisfy you then you can easily cancel your housing list membership. 

Cancel HousingList Membership Via Phone Call

1. You can cancel your HousingList membership by talking to their representatives at their contact numbers. 

2. Dial 1-866-342-8753 and you will now interact with a HousingList representative. 

3. Request them that you wish to cancel your HousingList subscription. 

4. Provide all your membership details and if they ask for them, also provide the reason for your membership cancellation. 

5. Also request them to provide you with a confirmation message

Cancel HousingList Membership Via Email

1. Another simple method to cancel your HousingList Membership is via an email to the support team. 

2. Open the default email application on your device and compose an email for this purpose. 

3. Write Cancel HousingList Membership as the subject of your email and in the body, request that you wish to cancel your HousingList membership. 

4. If you want, you can add the reason for your membership cancellation but do remember to provide all important details of yours and your membership

5. Ask them to send you a confirmation email if your request has been processed. 

Following these methods will help you cancel your membership. 

How To Request A Refund From HousingList?

If you desire to get a refund from HousingList then you can fill out the Refund Request form, print it out, and send it to the given address. 

1. Go to the Refund Application page from the official website. 

2. Provide the details as asked like your email address, phone number, name, address, refund amount requested, and the reason for the refund, and end it with the date and your signature

3. Print out the form and send it to 

HousingList Co.

1430 Truxtun Avenue, 5th Fl.
Bakersfield, CA 93301

4. You can also Fax it at (408)503-6182

5. If you face any problem related to this procedure then you can contact their support team at (800) 373-3210

Wrap Up

HousingList can help you with your house hunt in the States and if you get their membership, you will be allowed even more detailed information on the houses that best match your description. But if you don’t wish to continue you can always cancel your membership and even request a refund. Go through the steps we mentioned above and process your cancellation or refund request accordingly. You can also contact HousingList Customer Support for more queries. 

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